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Creating Relationships with Consumers

What does Coca-Cola mean to you? It is not just a big brand, Coca-Cola understands  how to connect with the heart of buyers. Their marketing campaigns WOW. They spend marketing dollars by giving back to customers and create a strong relationship with their audience with various unconventional marketing efforts.

Imagine a college student wants to get a coke from the vending machine but ending up getting more than she bargained for. In Coke’s most recent campaign, students get flowers, pizza, and even a huge sandwich from the vending machine. The Coke machine dispenses more than Coke product, it dispenses good will and happiness.

The viral nature of the happiness machine encourages consumers to create a true relationship with Coke. By establishing good will with consumers, especially in emerging markets, consumers will choose Coke because they like the brand – not to mention the taste.

Check out the rest of of the campaign’s viral videos here:

What do you think about Guerilla marketing? How would it help your business get more attention? Tell us what was your favorite unconventional guerilla or viral marketing campaign was and share with us on Facebook at Weise Communications, follow us on Twitter @Weise_Ideas.

Thanks to Duysal Ekinci for her help with this blog entry.


Five Marketing Trends for 2011 and Beyond

As 2010 is drawing to a close, marketers reflect on the past year in order to prepare for next year as well as avoid mistakes and surprises. It is also a good time to reflect on changes and leverage some marketing trends. Here is the first Weise Communications list of marketing trends for 2011:

1. Marketing Budgets Shifting Toward On-line

Clients, customers and prospects are spending more time online and are going online earlier in the buying process to collect information, create relationships, compare choices and determine conclusion about the items they will buy. Therefore, marketers must reposition marketing budgets to reflect their customer and prospects preferences.

2. Corporate Social Media-ization

Many organizations have deployed social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. However, they have not fully integrated it into their corporate website.  Primarily, this is due to the pressure to simply “be there.” 2011 will bring social media/website integration and a recurring social media marketing cycle:

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Engage
  • Measure
  • Repeat

3. Location-based Marketing

As smart phone adoption grows, according to a 2009 study from nielsenwire the U.S. smart phone penetration is 17 percent, location-based marketing and mobile applications will be a key mobile marketing trend in 2011. As of October 2010, Foursquare had more than 4 million users and has spawned a slate of competitors: Gowalla, Google Latitude and the recently launched Facebook Places are just a few of the mobile applications poised to take advantage of this trend.

4. Video as a Marketing Tool

YouTube is not simply a way to share video clips. It has become a massive search engine. Video content that addresses common concerns and issues clients, customers and prospects are facing then distributing video through social networks is a powerful way to stamp impressions into their memory and strengthen customer relationships.

5. Privacy is a Major Concern

The Internet has made it easy for anyone to obtain someone else’s birth date and social security number. It also houses other personal and potentially embarrassing (but technically public) information. While some may never be comfortable with data nudity, marketers must be leaders the privacy protection issue as enterprise marketing gets more social and mobile. One high-profile mistake and the entire industry could face forced government regulation.

Tell us what marketing trends you see in your 2011 crystal ball, if we have missed the boat or if you have another trend to add to our list. Share your ideas with us on Facebook at Weise Communications and follow @Weise_Ideas on Twitter.



Building Social Media Campaigns that Work

Credit Unions tap into Young & Free Franchise

Whether you refer to them as Gen Y or Millennials, it is clear that this generation relies on social networking to engage, communicate and learn. One industry that is achieving tangible results with Gen Y through a robust and effective social networking campaign is Credit Unions.

Spokesperson Larissa's YouTube Video

Yes, Credit Unions.

Even though credit union’s cooperative values are in line with Gen Y values, this demographic (younger than 30) was simply not signing up for membership.  Until the franchise, Young & Free, was launched.  Based on the principle that we all learn from the knowledge and experiences of those who have previously traveled the path, Young & Free was challenged to provide free checking accounts for the younger than 25 year old consumers.  There is only one Young & Free franchise per state, so the Credit Union that buys into the franchise gets the exclusive rights to the entire program in that state.

Tim McAlpine, owner of Currency Marketing in British Columbia, launched the Young & Free franchise. In a 2009 interview, McAlpine said, “Young people want access to products that are relevant to them.” He continued, “The focus of Young & Free is what the credit union is giving away, what useful information it is offering and how the credit union is providing a head start for young people.”

A large part of the success of the Young & Free franchise concept is that the social networking program is real and authentic. The cornerstone of the program is a spokesperson competition.  A contest is held to select Young & Free spokespeople in each state. They win a one-year paid position with the sponsor credit union. Young & Free spokesperson writes daily blogs, produces weekly YouTube videos and connects on Twitter, Facebook.  The first spokesperson was Larissa Walkiw, click on her picture above to go to one of her YouTube videos.

Credit Unions have developed financial services tailored to Gen Y, the Free 2B packag  the e includes: Free checking, free debit card, free direct deposit and an ‘Oops refund’ (once per quarter a customer can waive overdraft charges – all they have to do is ask for the waiver).

In less than two years, there are now more than 40,000 credit union customers with products and services associated with Young & Free.  Additionally, Forrester Research gave Young & Free a Groundswell Award

What do you think? Have you seen social networking campaigns that are reaching their target market and getting results like Young & Free? Please write a comment and let us know. You can find Weise Communications on Facebook and follow Weise_Ideas on Twitter.


Social media tips and tricks – YouTube

To continue our social media tips and tricks series, we offer some insights on YouTube and rich content in general.

The value of rich content, like videos, actually matures over time. So YouTube videos are a valuable asset in your social media arsenal. YouTube makes it simple for viewers to search your video collection, and allows you to collect valuable data and insights. YouTube is one of the world’s most trafficked sites, and received a higher percentage of searches than both Yahoo and Bing. The average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube – that’s five to 10 times longer than they’ll spend on your website. With these stats, it is obvious that YouTube is a great marketing tool for businesses.

Things to consider:

  1. Make your videos easy to share by allowing connection with the user’s social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Ramp up engagement on your channel with user-generated content. Generally, these submissions will increase visits and views to your page.
  3. Keep it short. People are more likely to watch a video that is only a couple of minutes long-and if you’ve piqued their interest, they will likely stick around to watch more.
  4. Think like your customers, and remember no one will pay attention to your videos unless they entertain, offer utility and/or are relevant to their experience and needs.

Check out Weise Communications YouTube channel with our recently added videos.


Social media tips and tricks – getting started

There are a lot of social marketing proponents and statistics creating the image of social media as one of grandeur and greatness. Though this might be a stretch, the fact is that social media is a cornerstone for branding, sales and public relations in today’s world.

Of the Fortune Global 100 companies, 65 percent have Twitter accounts, 54 percent have Facebook fan pages, 50 percent have YouTube channels and 33 percent have corporate blogs.

Social media probably should not be the only place that your company markets itself, but it should be included in your overall strategy. And, success in social media is like success in general – it takes an investment of time, money and effort. Quality outcomes can only come from quality contributions.

One great benefit to online social media is that is highly track-able. You can easily measure the level of engagement and how this translates into increased revenue. So, here are some general tips to keep in mind when beginning your company’s journey into social media:

  1. Learn the lingo and etiquette of the communities. You are more likely to be accepted into a community if you play by the rules,
  2. Entries on all forms of social media need to be short, concise, focused and designed for SEO.
  3. Find your niche and invite participation with your social profiles and take a moment and explore others profiles too.
  4. Don’t give up. The social media may seem overwhelming at first, but with the right tools and strategy, you’ll be a productive member of social media community with a growing presence in time.

In the coming days, we’ll profile tips and tricks for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogs to help you understand why social media is such a powerful marketing tool. So stay tuned!


Adidas: The Model for Integrated Social Media Campaigns

As a part of ‘Every Team Needs a Fan’ campaign, Adidas is teaming up with recognizable athletes Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints; Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic; BJ Upton, Tampa Bay Rays; and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. of NASCAR to engage sports fans across the U.S. for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Adidas is the provider of the World Cup game ball and is extending their awareness at the global event with these four brand ambassadors.

Reggie Bush traveled to South Africa, in addition to conducting interviews with multiple media outlets, he shared a picture (right) on his twitter account with U.S. player Jozy Altidore (also an Adidas athlete) minutes after the U.S. beat Algeria.

Each ambassador is posting Facebook updates, they are tweeting during and between World Cup games. Each one has shot YouTube videos. (Dwight Howard’s is the most entertaining.)  To get people even more engaged, there is a competition for the ambassadors to get the most fans and Dwight Howard is hosting a watch party in Atlanta for one winner that signed up through Facebook.

Here are many of the locations the integrated social media campaign appears:




Individual Websites

Adidas has done an exceptional job of extending their brand presence through athletes they have endorsement deals and having them cross-over into different sports which exposes fans of these other sports to these athletes and Adidas.

BJ Upton’s participation has been limited in this promotion, however he recently became embroiled in controversy and it is possible that Adidas downplayed his role in this campaign.  This shows Adidas flexibility to adjust the campaign on the fly and the flexibility of social media as a marketing tool to enable such adjustments.

Let Weise Communications on Facebook know about the best thoroughly integrated social media campaign you’ve seen.


Social Networking Bridges the Gap for People Living with Chronic Disease

A report collaboration between the Pew Internet Project and the California HealthCare Foundation revealed that U.S. adults living with chronic disease are significantly less likely than healthy adults to have access to the Internet (62 percent vs. 81 percent).  Not only does this lack of Internet access create an information gap, people suffering with chronic disease are potentially missing out on support groups, which is important for coping and recovery.

Online social networking is bringing people with chronic disease together and to the Internet. “If they can break free from the anchors holding them down, people living with chronic disease who go online are finding resources that are more useful than the rest of the population,” said Susannah Fox, associate director of digital strategy at Pew and author of the report.

Having a chronic disease increases the probability that an Internet user will share what they know from experience and learn from their peers. They are gathering on patient networking sites like PatientsLikeMe, HealthCentral, Inspire, CureTogether and Alliance Health Networks.

For health care marketers, there are advantages to establishing a relationship with these social networks. There is an opportunity to create and distribute health related content such as blog posts, Twitter messages (Tweets), YouTube videos and podcasts. These social networks allow an Internet user to dive deeply into a health topic.  For those that are homebound, it is an opportunity to provide practical tips about living with their disease.

There is a concern that patients might exchange erroneous medical information, so it is crucial for the site owner and content provider to make clear that the information being shared should not substitute for medical advice.  There is also an opportunity for nefarious forces to prey on the emotionally vulnerable, so it is important to have a clearly articulated privacy policy.

Even though people living with chronic disease often have complicated health issues, for Internet users there is a new tool. They have a way to connect with each other.

If you had success engaging with a health care related social network, tell Weise Communications on Facebook, and “Like” us for future updates and follow us on Twitter.

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