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Dove proves you are more beautiful than you think

If someone asked me if I thought I was beautiful, I would say no. After Adweek released the “10 Best Ads of 2013,” ( featuring Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” as their number one ad, I learned I am not alone in my answer.

According to Dove, only 4 percent of women worldwide think they are beautiful – a mere 4 percent ( The viral ad, done by Ogilvy Brazil, created an astonishing perspective on beauty that is hard to ignore, with results even harder to believe.

The ad shows an FBI forensic artist sketching women (sight unseen) as they described themselves, and then as others described them. The differences in the final sketches are heart wrenching, and give “real” women, a reality check about self-perception – how we currently see ourselves, and how we should strive to see ourselves. Watch full ad here or below: (


With the overwhelming results of this social experiment, it is hard not to wonder who is to blame for the low self-esteem of women worldwide? Is it the advertising industry itself, or possibly the media, who constantly shoves photo-shopped, perfect-skinned, bronzed beauties down consumers’ throats? Whoever is to blame for the lack of self-esteem in today’s women, ads like Dove Real Beauty Sketches are impossible to ignore – and it has the “viralability” to prove it.

According to ( the ad garnered more than 114 million views total and more than 3 million shares, making it the most viral ad of all time. Dove was able to create content that viewers wanted to see, but more importantly, they wanted to share.

Dove’s “Campaign For Real Beauty” first launched 10 years ago, and has been helping women realize the real meaning behind beauty ever since ( Ads like “Real Curves,” “Evolution,” “Pro Age” and most recently “Selfie,” have brought to light the qualities that make women beautiful other than looks such as confidence, intelligence and happiness. Dove has increased sales by 1.5 billion since Real Beauty’s launch, proving the campaign is aging well.

What do you think about the most watched viral ad of all time? Tell us here and on our Facebook page – and, remember ladies – you are more beautiful than you think.


real women in advertising


I was reminded of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty last week when a flurry of commentary hit over the photo of a nearly naked woman in Glamour magazine. She has a bit of a belly, and I love the photo of her. LOVE IT. I applaud Glamour magazine for using it. Like Dove, the magazine is embracing what women really look like.

When Dove’s campaign launched several years ago, it did something no other beauty brand had done before — it used real women to promote its brand instead of paid models. When interviewing its target audience about which celebrity model they could relate to, Dove found that most women were intimidated and depressed by the “stick thin” model, and in no way felt that these models represented the majority of women. Instead of Dove saying, “Here’s this woman whose beauty is unattainable — let us help you look like her,” their messaging was, “Beauty is natural, and you’re beautiful because you’re natural — let us help you maintain it.”


This is the message more health and beauty companies need to send, and it’s the message more advertisers need to encourage.

Of course, I am biased. This blog entry is being written by a mother of two who is closer to 40 years old than 30, and is painfully aware that her 20-year high school reunion is soon to be here. But, now thanks to this photo, my body looks like something you may see in Glamour magazine rather than in People magazine’s “Worst Of” edition.

These days, I want to focus on my daughter growing up with a healthy and happy body image and not with the insecurities of many women my age who didn’t have anything but unattainable skinny models to emulate.

As a professional in the advertising industry, I hope to have the opportunity to work on a campaign like Dove’s or select photos like the one in Glamour magazine. These are the images of women that make me proud to be an almost 40, still-haven’t-lost-the-baby-weight, woman.

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