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Duck Dynasty. When the Brand Goes MAD.

ImageI’ll admit it. I’m a fan.

A BIG fan. Every Wednesday evening the tv is on and my kids and I watch one of the best reality shows in America, Duck Dynasty ( The ‘characters’ are funny, I can relate to many of the stories since I grew up in the south like these guys, and there’s always a moral to the story that revolves around family and faith…huge parts of southern culture. I also love to see great success stories by great common people. But this is where my concern for the show’s success hits a pothole on the red dirt road. Are the Duck Boys starting to over saturate the marketplace? Every WalMart (, Target (, grocery store, convenience store, gas station and sporting goods store I’ve gone into lately has a display selling items with their faces on it. T-shirts, cups, plates, more t-shirts, hats, koozies, AND not to mention appearances on the red carpet at the MTV Awards (, CMAs (, ACM Awards (, etc.

Forbes ( recently reported that by the end of 2013, revenues from Duck Dynasty product tie-ins will have amassed $400 million. With holiday stocking stuffers on shelves, a new chart-topping Christmas cd featuring the Roberston clan caroling alongside country greats like George Strait, and rumors of a Duck Commander wine label coming in 2014, it seems everything the Robertson’s touch turns to gold (or is that camo?). So, what is it about this group of rednecks that America finds so appealing?

That very redneck humor and charm could be the secret. Every viewer may not relate to the Roberstons’ way of life, but they can identify with family values, prayer, and hard earned success—features I myself admittedly find appealing. Essentially, Willie, Si, Phil and family represent the American dream, something every middle American idealizes. Places like Target and WalMart are exactly where these ‘common folk’ shop, allowing big box stores to capitalize on the brand’s popularity. Plus, the even split of female and male viewers ( allows everything from cookbooks to coolers to be stamped with the signature brown and green camouflage.

Of course, this popularity won’t last forever. I believe the point of over saturation hasn’t come yet. With this quarter expected to be the largest yet for the Duck Dynasty brand, I guess the moral here (to mimic Willie) is to ride the wave for as long and far as you can. 

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Brand Your Company Socially and Ethically Responsible (Or Lose Consumers)

In the past few years, numerous studies have shown a significant increase in consumers that care about responsible corporate practices. A recent survey stated that over 62 percent of consumers say they genuinely care about companies’ policies more so today than 10 years ago, and four in 10 consumers say they have decided against a product or service because they didn’t agree with the company’s practices.Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 12.17.43 PM

Because of the recent added pressure on organizations, a majority of Fortune 500 companies issue a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Sustainability Report available to the public. This increased importance on corporate responsibility has also encouraged more than 8,000 businesses to sign the UN Global Compact Pledge to commit to good citizenship with regards to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, etc.

One brand that is proactively addressing social responsibility is Visa. The organization recently created new markets in developing countries by aligning social causes with corporate strategies. Wal-Mart is also pledging to be more corporately responsible by committing to sustainability in order to save money and tighten their supply chains.

The motivation for companies to adopt a CSR can be significant. Consumers, vendors and partners are likely to avoid firms that develop unethical reputations. Additionally, companies that disregard ethical responsibilities are at a higher risk of stumbling into legal issues.

Do you think companies are responding to consumers’ demands concerning human rights, labor standards and environmental protection? Will the continued persistence of consumers forever change corporate practices? Does your company have a corporate responsibility plan? Let us know!

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