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When Healthcare Communication is Tricky: The Business of Physicians and Email

ImageEmail has been a routine communication channel for so long that the majority of us use it on a daily basis without question. Healthcare professionals are among the last of service providers to not utilize email as a form of communication with the people they serve. But in the healthcare field, emailing practices between physicians and patients is a controversial discussion.

It can be argued that utilizing electronic communication is vital in developing relationships between a doctor and his/her patient, while allowing for open communication. Others worry about legalities that may arise with the lack of privacy that often accompanies online emailing.

Those in support of physicians emailing with patients state that it is beneficial when scheduling appointments, eliminating the frustration of phone tag. Using email improves efficiency and allows doctors to make themselves readily available to patients when a visit isn’t necessary, but medical advice or discussions is required.

ImageOpponents dispute the positives of emailing in the healthcare field, stating that emailing has the potential to cause an array of legal issues. Privacy of emails and the possibility of hackers is a major concern among many. Some also insist that electronic communication between doctors and patients is no way to practice medicine. While emailing back and forth, a doctor misses out on necessary body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc. that is typically witnessed during an in-person doctor’s consultation; appropriate and accurate care can suffer as a result.

Because an array of legal problems can arise, only engaging in email communication on an extremely limited basis could be a compromise. Sticking purely to scheduling appointments or sending test results, while making sure not to reveal any confidential medical information.

Email seems to be an inevitable part of doing business. Do you think that healthcare should adapt to the extreme popularity of electronic communication to build bonding relationships between doctors and patients or continue to communicate traditionally, avoiding security and legal issues?

Tell us your thoughts in a comment below, and on our Facebook or Twitter.


Google Glass: Cool Technology or Pain in the Glass

Google GlassThe latest technology that’s receiving worldwide buzz among tech and gadget gurus is what Google calls “Google Glass”. Google Glass is Google’s endeavor to make wearable computing, i.e. smart glasses, mainstream.

Glass was first described as being simple to use, allowing users to record what you see, hands-free, even sharing what you see live, and having directions right in front of you. However, Google hasn’t quite worked out all the kinks yet, and Saturday Night Live reminds us that Glass is still in the early stages.

But the idea behind Glass is still pretty amazing. So, what makes Glass so “smart”? What can they do that other glasses can’t? Glass has a built-in camera, microphone and GPS. Once it is engaged, it is capable of many actions including: taking photographs, recording video clips, searching for answers on Google, showing calendar reminders, etc.

Voice activation is used to control Glass with certain commands, Google describes some voice commands as, “say ‘take a picture’ to take a picture,” “speak to send a message,” and so on.

The wearer can see what the screen is projecting simply by glancing up. Google released a “How It Feels” video to show those interested what it would be like wearing Glass, if you dare.

The glasses are set for release late 2013. The hefty price for smart glasses? $1,500.

With the launch of these glasses, two groups have been formed, the lovers and the haters. Which Glass group do you fall into and why? Tell us your opinion! Leave a comment below and be sure to follow Weise on Facebook and Twitter to receive news and industry updates.


Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2013

Mobile MarketingThe biggest change in mobile marketing last year was the push notification. Sadly, many business owners couldn’t get out of their own way and have started abusing push notification with non-critical updates. It likely started out of desperation, hoping a constant barrage of info will lead to consumer action.  Unfortunately, for push notification abusers that action is usually to uninstall the app. As a reminder, the best practice is to push info that is relevant to the user and focused on meeting their needs.

With the combination of improved near field communications and business owners punished for push-spam (is that a new term? if so…trademark!) we have compiled our list of mobile marketing predictions for 2013.

Mobile Coupons

2013 will see an increase in mobile coupons. For the business owner, mobile coupons are quicker, cheaper, flexible, convenient and always with your customer. Candidly speaking, doesn’t that sound like marketing perfection? With the improvement of near field communications, you can be timely as well. Imagine sending a 15 percent coupon for today’s special to one of your customers, at lunchtime when they walk within 1,000 feet of your front door. OK, now that is marketing perfection.

Loyalty Marketing

Mobile users will demand an overhaul in loyalty marketing. For example, Denver-based Tokyo Joe’s has an addict card for loyal customers. Buy 12 entrees and the 13th is free. I carry around a punch card for what amounts to a 9 percent discount the 7th time my wife and I go to Tokyo Joe’s. What would really be beneficial is if the loyalty card was tied to my phone. It can be a Tokyo Joe’s app or an aggregator app for loyalty programs like Foursquare.

Not only do I want to combine these programs, I also want to streamline my apps. For this blog, I checked the last time I opened a sample of 20 apps. Five of them were only opened once. If the app doesn’t provide me regular benefits, I’ll quickly become app-athetic. (is that a new term? if so…trademark!).

Social Action

The final mobile marketing prediction is a huge increase in apps adding social action widgets similar to the Facebook “like” button. Social sharing is the equivalent of electronic word of mouth marketing. As businesses get better at forging relationships with their customers in social environments, they will be able to run a sophisticated SCRM program (social customer relationship management).

Let us know your mobile marketing prediction for 2013, and if you think this will be the year of fully integrated mobile marketing. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook at Weise Communications and follow @Weise_Ideas on Twitter.


Healthcare Marketing Predictions for 2013

X_Ray_Heart_by_mmattes_GreenBlack1With the major healthcare reform provisions slated to take effect in 2014, less than 13 months away, Weise Communications believes 2013 will be a year of preparing for those changes to occur. As we have spent the last year with physicians, medical practitioners, highly publicized medical facilities and budding health and wellness entrepreneurs, we have compiled our list of healthcare marketing predictions for 2013.

Physicians and medical professionals will embrace technology to enhance the patient experience. We foresee software as a service (SaaS) combining with platform as a service (PaaS) to provide cloud-based solutions that will enhance EMR and patient communications.

Consumers are abandoning PC/desktop computers, the entire medical community will need to adapt to tablets and mobile. 2013 will be the year that the luxury of a mobile optimized website will no longer be optional.

HIPAA for mobile will be a massive concern for 2013, so EMR costs will continue to rise. Mobile will be an extraordinary opportunity for marketers in 2013.

More than ever before, patients are becoming advocates for their own health and wellness. They are relying on sources like WebMD and Everyday Health for information. Also, they are using social media for validation and referrals. There will be more pressure on medical facilities to embrace social media to ensure accurate information is being delivered from a reputable source.

Franchising and licensing will continue to be a business model that ensures affordable and accessible healthcare treatment options. It will also provide an alternative to the increasing amount of government involvement in the healthcare decision-making process.

Let us know your healthcare marketing prediction for 2013, and we’ll plan on discussing how accurate we are at SHSMD 2013 in Chicago. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook at Weise Communications and follow @Weise_Ideas on Twitter.



Wall Tweet Journal: Four Tips to Improve Your Twitter Presence Today

Reporters, news-gathering organizations, celebrities and many businesses have unleashed Twitter as a tool to find, engage and expand their fans and followers.

However, when marketers start tweeting, they can’t understand why they are not making connections and seeing results. I heard a colleague describe Twitter as opening your glove compartment, shouting your info into it and slamming the door shut. Not particularly satisfying.

Resisting the urge to say “You’re not doing it right,” I promised to deliver four tips to improve your Twitter presence that can be implemented today.

1. Make your Twitter bio meaningful and searchable – You have 160 characters of searchable content, use the keywords you wish to be associated with you and/or your company.

Below are two profiles, one has 17 followers and the other has more than 146,000 followers, can you tell which profile has the bigger following?

I have a deep relationship with sleep and I’m about whatever, man!

Social Media Thought Leader, Consultant, Speaker | Author The New Relationship Marketing | Coauthor Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day | Scottish-Canadian

I’ll spare the first bio the embarrassment. The second bio belongs to @MariSmith. Mari recently co-hosted a content-rich webinar with @GuyKawasaki. The webinar is titled 7 Hottest Social Media Business Trends Impacting Your Profits Today.” Since I’m using Mari as an unauthorized example, check out her webinar for other social media trends to leverage today.

2. Use Twitter Lists to gain credibility about a subject – A Twitter list is a selected group of Twitter users. All Tweeps have the ability to create and be a caretaker of a Twitter list. When you click to view a Twitter list, you’ll see a stream of Tweets from only the users included in that list. As you build lists of Twitter users with content that you believe is valuable on your subject expertise, you become a resource for others as your lists are shared.

Here is a hidden SEO tip: Link your Twitter feed to your website (RSS feed) and include your Twitter handle (@username) in the naming convention of your list. When your Twitter list is shared with others, your list will link back to your website through your Twitter handle.  It takes patience and a strong Twitter list curator mentality, but as your credibility increases, it will also impact your SEO.

3. Maintain laser-like focus on your subjects – Friends and colleagues know that I am a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma and a huge fan of Oklahoma football (Boomer Sooner!) However, my twitter feed positions me professionally as focused on marketing, social media and SEO. It is not the venue to discuss the latest recruit, coaching decision or blowout victory. We recommend multiple twitter accounts, one focused on your professional brand and another that feeds your personal passions.

4. Twitter is a conversation, engage your audience – Nobody really cares what you had for lunch. Instead keep these four words in mind: ask, answer, retweet and respond. The key to engaging is asking and answering questions, retweeting interesting items on topic and responding to subject related inquiries.

If you are looking for an easy way to get involved, Twitter comes to the rescue, through @twchat. There is a collection of nearly 600 chats you can participate, check out this schedule of chats. Your bound to find at least one that you can engage and grow your audience.

To summarize your Twitter action items: optimize your bio, curate Twitter lists, use multiple Twitter accounts and participate in a Twitter chat. You can get these done today.

Let us know how much impact you see after implementing these tips. Share your thoughts here or on Facebook at Weise Communications and follow us on Twitter at @Weise_Ideas.

Be on the lookout this Wednesday for “Back Tweet Driver: Twitter Habits to Avoid” on the SideNote.


The Passing of Steve Jobs and The next generation iPhone and iOS

With visionary Steve Jobs passing Wednesday, millions of people around the world mourn. From CEOs to celebrities to everyday people. Jobs, chairman and former CEO of Apple, changed the way we use technology. From designing the first commercially successful personal computers, to the creation of Macintosh, to iPods and iPhones – Jobs’ profound impact has forever changed the way we interact with technology and the way we live our lives. He will be missed.

Before Jobs passing, the company he co-founded made a big announcement that may have caught some off guard.

Apple’s first big announcement with Tim Cook as CEO may not have been what people were expecting. Rather than releasing the rumored iPhone 5, Apple announced the iPhone 4S that focuses on internal changes.  It is set to release October 14 with preorders starting October 7.  It will retail for $199 for the 16 GB model and $299 for the 32 GB model.  The iPhone 4S has a similar look to the iPhone 4, but is faster, has a better camera and some more changes to the internal software.  It was also announced that Sprint will be the third U.S. carrier to carry to iPhone, joining AT&T and Verizon.

Here are a few features of the iPhone 4S:

1.)   Camera: The iPhone 4S will have a camera that has 60 percent more pixels and can shoot 1080p high-definition video. According to Phil Schiller, a senior vice president in charge of product marketing, the iPhone 4S will be the best camera some customers have ever owned.

2.)   Faster: The iPhone 4S features Apple’s custom A5 chip, the same dual-core chip in the iPad 2. Everything will be noticeably faster: Web pages will load twice as fast, applications will launch and run faster, data will download twice as fast.

3.)   Your virtual personal assistance: 

It is called Siri and it lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, look

up information and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much and you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it.

Apple’s iOS 5, which was announced in June, will be released October 12. This includes a lot of new features including the iCloud that can store all your information on all your devices without syncing them. It is your hard drive in the sky. iOS 5 will be free unlike before when it would cost customers $10 to upgrade their operating systems.

Apple showed it may be on the inside that counts. Are you convinced or are you going to continue to wait for the new style iPhone 5? Let us know what you think, post a comment, reply to us on Twitter @Weise_Ideas or find us on Facebook. We’d also love to hear from you about Steve Jobs impact and what the technologies he spearheaded creating have done to impact your life.


The evolution of inner space

The Jaz Drive. Solid State Storage.

The Jaz Drive. Solid State Memory.

After recently purchasing a new external hard drive and being amazed by the advances in technology with respect to cost, I ran across the following infographic and it immediately caught my attention. This infographic shows the evolution of storage media, from the original record players to the latest flash drives and hard drives.

The old rule of thumb has been that every six months technology will double in size or speed and half in price. Well, that may not always be true, but if you haven’t been shopping lately for technology, you’ll be amazed by the current prices.

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