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Adidas: The Model for Integrated Social Media Campaigns

As a part of ‘Every Team Needs a Fan’ campaign, Adidas is teaming up with recognizable athletes Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints; Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic; BJ Upton, Tampa Bay Rays; and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. of NASCAR to engage sports fans across the U.S. for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Adidas is the provider of the World Cup game ball and is extending their awareness at the global event with these four brand ambassadors.

Reggie Bush traveled to South Africa, in addition to conducting interviews with multiple media outlets, he shared a picture (right) on his twitter account with U.S. player Jozy Altidore (also an Adidas athlete) minutes after the U.S. beat Algeria.

Each ambassador is posting Facebook updates, they are tweeting during and between World Cup games. Each one has shot YouTube videos. (Dwight Howard’s is the most entertaining.)  To get people even more engaged, there is a competition for the ambassadors to get the most fans and Dwight Howard is hosting a watch party in Atlanta for one winner that signed up through Facebook.

Here are many of the locations the integrated social media campaign appears:




Individual Websites

Adidas has done an exceptional job of extending their brand presence through athletes they have endorsement deals and having them cross-over into different sports which exposes fans of these other sports to these athletes and Adidas.

BJ Upton’s participation has been limited in this promotion, however he recently became embroiled in controversy and it is possible that Adidas downplayed his role in this campaign.  This shows Adidas flexibility to adjust the campaign on the fly and the flexibility of social media as a marketing tool to enable such adjustments.

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Seven Keys to Running a Successful Contest

ContestsContests are a fun and inexpensive way to build buzz for your business. Everyone loves a chance to win free stuff and the media loves contests too. If you do it right, your company can garner thousands of dollars in free publicity just by hosting and promoting a contest.

Another great advantage to holding a contest is that everyone who enters the contest becomes a prospect for your business. Make sure you send contestants to your website for contest rules and ask them to submit at least a name and email address to enter. In your rules, make sure you state that by entering, they are agreeing to receive email communication from your company.

Here are some keys to starting a successful contest:

  1. Make it easy for people to enter – if people get confused or have to jump through too many hoops to sign up, they wont.
  2. Be straightforward – make sure to tell people up front if they are signing up for something other than your contest.
  3. Make it newsworthy – tie the contest to a recent news item if you can.
  4. Have valuable prizes – you can enlist other business owners to go in with you.
  5. Spread the word – use public relations, social media and word of mouth to spread the news of the contest.
  6. Make it fun!
  7. And don’t forget to check the laws in your state before running a contest.

If you want to give away a large prize, like $1 million, make sure to check out insurance. Insurance on large prizes can help you hedge your bets in case someone wins the grand prize.

With these steps in place, you are standing in front of a perfect storm for a successful contest. But don’t stop there, once your contest is complete make sure to leverage the winner for more publicity opportunities.

Creative contest ideas help you get noticed by prospective customers and the media alike. The possibilities are endless; you are only limited by your imagination. So now it’s your turn. What other kind of contest would build buzz for your business? Submit your contest idea here or post it on our Facebook page.


5 Keys to Successful Fusion Marketing

During challenging economic times, businesses are always looking for low-cost ways to market products and services.  Today’s idea is not only inexpensive; it is also a reliable and effective method of marketing products and services.

In its most simplistic form, fusion marketing is partnering with other businesses for the purpose of marketing for one each other’s business.  Here is an example, my neighborhood dry cleaners is located next to a sub sandwich restaurant.  When I dropped off some dry cleaning, I found a 20 percent coupon for the sandwich shop.  I thought I would grab some lunch and when I was paying for my discounted sandwich, I found a 20% percent coupon for the dry cleaners.

These two businesses were sending customers to each other. They had formed a strategic alliance and in marketing lingo, this is called fusion marketing.

The most critical component to successful fusion marketing is to identify the businesses with which to create strategic alliances; identifying these “Power Partners” is the foundation for success. A Power Partner is a business that has a similar target market as your business but doesn’t really compete with the products and services your business offers. Imagination is the only limiting factor when identifying Power Partners.

A powerful fusion marketing combination could be a wedding planner, a florist, a photographer, a baker, a mobile DJ and a bridal shop. How powerful would it be to have a ‘preferred partner’ link on each business website? How about having marketing materials at each business location, so when a prospective bride asks the florist, “Do you know a good photographer?”, the florist has a handy recommendation.

Here are the five keys to setting up a successful fusion marketing alliance:

Key 1: Identify your Power Partners.

Key 2: Determine the offer for each Power Partner.  The offers don’t necessarily have to be the same as in the coupon example above.

Key 3: Communicate with each other. Set up a regular meeting time to ensure that everyone agrees how to market each other’s businesses and refer customers.

Key 4: Share prospects and lead generation lists.  It may be possible to combine offers in the next customer sales pitch.

Key 5: Responsiveness and follow-up. Respond to customer inquiries and leads from Power Partners. Share lead conversions with Power Partners for future follow-up.

Tell us if you have any fusion marketing success, we are really interested in the combination of Power Partners and your best customer conversion story.

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Kosher Swish

matzoballA 267-pound, 3-foot high matzo ball that was made with 1,000 eggs, 200 pounds of matzo meal, 80 pounds of margarine and 20 pounds of chicken base was up for serving yesterday morning at a NYC deli.

Why the mountain of matzo? On October 18, the New York Knicks will host the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team at Madison Square Garden for a charity game. What a publicity stunt!

It’s the perfect way to mesh Israeli and New York culture and cause quite the stir. There’s probably not much that can stop a New Yorker dead in their busy, fast-paced, seen-it-all tracks, but I’m sure this did it. The matzo ball even had its own NYPD escort. Hopefully, Knicks fans will hurry to the ticket office (proceeds benefit Migdal Ohr, an orphanage in Israel) and Noah’s Ark Original Deli will see some traffic, too.

Go Knicks!?!


Ten Key Principles of Franchise Marketing For Any Business

One of the benefits of being a franchise owner is inheriting an established brand and receiving immediate brand recognition in the marketplace. Owners can leverage the strategy and creative developed by the corporate office and capitalize on its proven direction that is executed consistently across the state, region or global market.

An article posted on highlights the key principles of franchise marketing, all of which apply to business owners in any industry. Below is a summary, or click here for the complete article.


  1. Know your market
  2. Differentiate your product or service from the competition
  3. Promote through PR, internet advertising, and traditional media such as radio
  4. Position yourself as an expert
  5. Keep past customers coming back with loyalty campaigns and special offers
  6. Create your Web site or utilize what your franchise package provides
  7. Develop marketing collateral (needs depend on the type of franchise – this is important for B2B franchises and less for fast food)
  8. Develop a database and track your campaigns
  9. Establish a referral system
  10. Be innovative and try new ways to reach customers

I think the most valuable ones to focus on today, if you are not already doing them, are No. 5 and No. 10.

It is always more costly to find new customers. I recommend finding ways to keep your base and grow organically. We talk a lot about social media. These networks allow you to communicate with your audience providing you with an opportunity to send messages with offers or important information through Twitter and Facebook – something to consider if you are not already doing it.

I always find it interesting when franchise owners buy into the company vision and offering and then don’t use the provided campaigns or Web site system. Most often they are already paying for these tools. Some say they want to have their own program or campaign. Some don’t know what is available to them. I’ve had conversations with prospects and clients alike on this very subject.

In the article “10 Signs of a Great Franchise Opportunity”, No. 5 talks about marketing and advertising; stating the importance of knowing what is in place and what you will get for your money. So if you are looking to buy, I recommend finding out more beforehand, so you are better equipped when times are tough in order weather the storm and even grow your business.

As the economy slowly improves, consider what your franchise offers or try new ways to reach out to your market.

What new campaigns or new ideas have you implemented? What were your results?

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