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Hanes and Michael Jordan – Another Integrated Marketing Campaign Done Well

I would like to start this blog with a few personal comments. While my husband may not think I know who Michael Jordan is, I do. I may not be an over zealous basketball fan, but who doesn’t want to be like Mike? And to top it off, I love his Hanes Commercials. And don’t judge me, men love Victoria Secret commercials for the same reason women enjoy seeing Jordan in his Hanes.

So when I read the New York Times article about the new Hanes commercials (sans Charlie Sheen) it took me about 15 seconds to blurt out, “I love those commercials!” And now there is even more to love. Hanes has fully integrated the TV and radio campaign to include Rick’s blog (its rather lame, but so is Rick). The website promoting the story of Rick and Michael (stuck on a flight to Sydney together) is terrific. I especially like the comfort demos.

You can also follow Hanes Comfort on Twitter and on Facebook. I feel like the Facebook page could be a bit more Jordan-esque, but what is cool is that you can sign-up for Hanes weekly giveaway for a chance to win two round-trip JetBlue Airways certificates.

All of the commercials can be seen either on the website or on YouTube. I especially love the “bacon neck” ad.

The beauty of integrated campaigns, such as the Hanes campaign, is their ability to make use of multiple media channels – TV, radio, and social media to name a few. Messages reach larger audiences and can more specifically target service and product audiences.

What do you think? Will Jordan convince you to purchase some Hanes? Will you get involved in following Hanes in their social media campaign? What do you think about the campaign?

Is your business ready to utilize the power of an integrated campaign? Visit Weise Communications for help in making your campaign a success.

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