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Franchising idea exchange highlights sales, franchisee relations

Contributed by Heather Hutchinson, Public Relations Account Manager, Weise Communications

Last night Weise Communications hosted an event for the local chapter of the International Franchise Association’s Women’s Franchise Committee. FranchisingProfessional women in franchising from the Denver-metro area gathered to exchange ideas on relationship challenges, compliance, and thinking outside the box for franchise sales.

One great idea that came from the “group scoop” brainstorming session was hosting a boot camp for your franchise each year. By gathering franchisees, franchisors and the franchise sales team, the group can reconnect on the core mottos, systems, and metrics of the franchise. Basic training reminds everyone why he or she became a part of the franchise in the first place. It also shows were deviation had occurred and provides a path back to success for struggling franchises. The idea is sure to help franchises and other businesses stay on track for long-term success.

Another great idea, which has been previously written about on The Side Note, is about online sales for franchises creating a microsite. Microsites, a separately promoted part of a larger website, are perfect for the franchise sales application. When optimized, the microsite directs the sales messaging to those interested in starting a franchise. Thus, hot leads are sent straight to the sales team.  Keeping customers and potential franchisees separate by using your website and microsite in tandem ensures that each audience gets the messages and content that matters to them.

Thanks to all who attended the event. The idea exchange and brainstorming session brought to light some encouraging franchise relationship tactics, sales ideas, and created strong women in franchising connections.

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