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Super Bowl Advertising Preview

The average cost of a commercial for the Super Bowl is around $3.5 million this year, and NBC pretty much sold out its ad inventory by Labor Day. With the DVR changing how we watch TV and creating commercial skipping, television advertising seems like a dying media. So, why do advertisers mortgage the farm to get an ad for the Super Bowl?

Fewer events are more hyped, create as much fanfare, attract more interest from celebrities, politicians and average Americans than the Super Bowl. And live is still how viewers like to watch sports with the NFL leading the sports pack in fan base size. Last year’s Super Bowl had an astonishing 110 million viewers – definitely worth mortgaging the farm.

Therefore, we wanted to preview some of the spots that we think will be real highlights this year.


One of the highlights last year came courtesy of Volkswagen as they unveiled their commercial, “The Force,” which featured a young Darth Vader and a new 2012 Passat.

Volkswagen may have replicated its 2011 success with a memorable ad for the  Super Bowl XLVI. They have a teaser (yes – an ad of an ad) for this year’s Super Bowl commercial, which includes dogs barking the Star Wars theme and is named “The Bark Side.”

As a dog lover, and Vizsla owner (top row-center), I for one am excited to see this ad.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, will be guest starring in Sketchers third-consecutive Super Bowl ad. With expectations lowered after last year Kim Kardashian commercial, Sketchers can only improve, right?

It turns out that this particular ad features racing greyhounds that lose to a tiny dog wearing Sketchers.

In my opinion, Doritos has been throwing multiple game winning touch downs with its “Crash the Super Bowl Contest” for the last couple of years, and this year looks to be no different. Here are some of the top contenders.

Sling Baby
What do you get when you mix a baby in a swing, a mean grandmother and a bratty kid taunting them both? A great commercial.

Man’s Best Friend
Dog-themed entries always grab my attention. This entry features a dog trying to cover its tracks and a human that can apparently be bought off for just a sack of Doritos.

The Voice
A promo for “The Voice” that will be aired during the Super Bowl, for a series that premieres directly after the Super Bowl, will at least create some conversation at the water cooler on Monday. The spot is titled “Vokal Kombat,” so I can only assume that it features Christina Aguilera ripping Adam Levine’s head off, vocally that is.

So, we are interested to know, what commercials are you most excited to see and , more importantly, do stellar commercials make up for a Super Bowl that is heavy on defense or one-sided? Let us know here on The Side Note, or on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@Weise_Ideas).


Controversial Super Bowl Commercials: When controversy means business and when to avoid it

With the Super Bowl merely days away the excitement is mounting for an exceptional event. With an average of 100 million viewers tuning in, the Super Bowl is much more than a game. With a widespread and diverse audience, the Super Bowl is heaven on earth for advertisers.  As in previous years, the ads showcased at Super Bowl XLV will aim to capture and amaze us. So what can we look forward to?

With a number of companies conducting competitions to find the most catchy and outrageous commercials to air on game day, the ones that will actually make it are a little up in the air. Although only a few lucky entries make it to the final cut, the creativity and originality that oozes from so many of the mock commercials is outstanding. Entries made to Doritos/Pepsi Max “Crash the Super Bowl” competition were not only innovative, but a number of them also received attention for being slightly controversial.

There were two entries in particular that received special notoriety from the LGBT community for their homosexual undertones. LGBT community members argued that perhaps these commercials were meant to make the gay community the “butt of the joke.” Although the commercials appear to be witty and unique in theme, the response of the LGBT community to these video entries reminds us of the power and influence held by commercials.

Such ads have the distinct ability to evoke emotion in viewers pertaining to both the product and company.  These controversial entries did not make the final cut in the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.  However, they have acted as a reminder of the importance of finding ways to capture our audience through clever methods without offending potential clients and customers. So that’s the real key in controversy, if it offends customers and clients, probably not the right move, but if it creates a greater discussion and the controversy actually adds to the discussion then you might have a success on your hands.

An ad that we heard so much about last year was the Tim Tebow Focus on the Family spot. And it did just that, created controversy but also created a discussion (perfect for the cause of Focus on the Family.)

In reviewing the questionable entries for Doritos, although the commercials are humorous, they can without a doubt be interpreted as picking fun at this particular group of individuals.  It would seem that presenting such ads would not be a benefit to Doritos.

Remember, the sky is the limit on the amount of imagination and originality you can use to reach your target audience, but be careful to realize that such a tool has the power to build or break your business.

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