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Social Media Marketing: American Eagle’s Skinny Skinny Jeans Touches Millennials

Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, brand engagement is at an all time high.  Some brands have dormant accounts, rarely posting anything, while others have been able to turn their brands into personal, interactive and dynamic engagement tools.  The latter has been able to increase revenues and sales, while also building a positive brand image.  These lively accounts also provide a unique opportunity for followers, giving them exclusive information on the company, sales promotions and contests, as well as first looks at new products on the horizon.skinny-skinny-jeans

American Eagle Outfitters, a clothing store for the millennial market, was able to leverage their social media followers into customers when they brilliantly pulled off a hip, funny April Fools practical joke.  On April 1st, American Eagle made the announcement that they were producing the next big thing in fashion; spray on skinny jeans.  The “skinny skinny” jeans came in a spray can, and were going to be the tightest jeans in the market, following the trend in the millennial fashion world of skinny pant-cuts.  American Eagle produced photos of models, male and female, sporting the new jeans, as well as videos of the jeans in action.  The lighthearted joke received significant press coverage, increasing their exposure, and was a great success to their established brand image of a hip, young company with a fun side.

old_spice_internetOther brands, like Old Spice, have also been able to turn their brands into exciting sources of brand engagement.  Old Spice used their famous “Smell Like A Man” campaign model, Isaiah Mustafa, for an interactive Q&A with Twitter followers.  Followers would tweet their questions, and within minutes would receive a YouTube video response from Isaiah Mustafa and the Old Spice team.  Old Spice’s interactive accounts have made them the leader in body wash and deodorant sales.

It is clear that when used for its purpose, social media networks of brands can produce increased revenue and brand perception.  Social media is able to bring brands closer to their consumers and reinforce a continued brand experience.

What do you think of American Eagle’s April Fool’s gag?  Was it a positive use of brand engagement like Old Spice’s?  Let us know in the comments section, as well as on Twitter at @weise_ideas and Facebook!


Creating Relationships with Consumers

What does Coca-Cola mean to you? It is not just a big brand, Coca-Cola understands  how to connect with the heart of buyers. Their marketing campaigns WOW. They spend marketing dollars by giving back to customers and create a strong relationship with their audience with various unconventional marketing efforts.

Imagine a college student wants to get a coke from the vending machine but ending up getting more than she bargained for. In Coke’s most recent campaign, students get flowers, pizza, and even a huge sandwich from the vending machine. The Coke machine dispenses more than Coke product, it dispenses good will and happiness.

The viral nature of the happiness machine encourages consumers to create a true relationship with Coke. By establishing good will with consumers, especially in emerging markets, consumers will choose Coke because they like the brand – not to mention the taste.

Check out the rest of of the campaign’s viral videos here:

What do you think about Guerilla marketing? How would it help your business get more attention? Tell us what was your favorite unconventional guerilla or viral marketing campaign was and share with us on Facebook at Weise Communications, follow us on Twitter @Weise_Ideas.

Thanks to Duysal Ekinci for her help with this blog entry.


Old Spice, New Marketing

Contributed by Lucas Neiderer, Weise Communications Public Relations Intern

Isaiah Mustafa is helping to change the way we see online marketing. “Who is Isaiah Mustafa?” you may ask. He is the charming body-wash pitchman and face behind the more than 130 million viral views since February for Old Spice’s “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign. He is also part of the reason the product’s sales jumped 55 percent the past three months and 107 percent this past month according to Nielson Co. data.

If you haven’t seen the commercials yet, take a look at two of my favorites.

Here are three takeaways from the Old Spice campaign.

1. Ingenuity. Old Spice did not simply shoot commercials in hopes of optimizing ROI and then move on to the next bigger and better campaign (which will have a hard time living up to this one). Instead, they did what most marketers and companies forget to do, build a relationship with their audiences. After the viral success of the commercials Old Spice and Mustafa delivered more than 185 live video responses to consumers’ social media queries. The videos continued to generate product and company conversations and built a community of followers, increasing the power of the Old Spice brand. Take a look at two of the video responses created by Mustafa and Old Spice.

2. ViralSpice. ViralSpice is an online marketing tool launched by Ajinty. Designed for celebrities, artists, politicians and big and small brands, it allows personalized ad campaigns to connect with followers while providing distribution and measurement of interactions. The tool allows users to personally target their most influential followers and measure the impact on their brand.  ViralSpice’s ability to measure brand engagement, recall and track conversations in real time will help shape the industry of tracking and measuring online marketing. Viral Spice was named after the Old Spice campaign because of the way Old Spice connected with its followers through video responses to followers’ questions and comments on social media.

3. Understanding your audience. Old Spice took the core nature of being “manly” and turned it into short satires, leaving men proud to be men and women wanting their men to be manly…and smell good. Interestingly, Old Spice did not target solely men who are the premier consumers of the brand. Instead Old Spice understood the influence females have on their male counterparts and tailored the videos to market to women as well, knowing they would purchase it for their man or persuade their men to purchase the body wash. Old Spice capitalized on their opportunity to not only produce comical videos, but also build a community with their followers, fans and direct and secondary target audiences.

Old Spice used creative communication to gain market share, increase ROI and build an online community.  Aside from producing creative videos, Old Spice was willing to take the time to respond to followers and produce interactive means of communication through social media, raising the bar for future online marketing.

Contact Weise Communications today to creatively build a community for your business and product. Visit us at or call us today at (303) 996-9940.


YouTube Celebrates Five Years

I was in a public relations class in 2006 at the University of Colorado at Boulder when I first heard about YouTube. I was listening to a speaker from Metzger Associates talk about how social media had changed the PR landscape, when a student raised his hand and said, “What do you think about YouTube?” Several in the class knew exactly what this student was talking about but most of us, including the speaker and professor, looked back at him puzzled.

Since then, YouTube has become a household name and billion dollar enterprise. Creating a teen sensation, making household names and providing an outlet for anyone to “broadcast themselves,” YouTube has reached 2 billion daily views.

Although YouTube can be a perpetual time-suck, it does function as a video source, a search engine and an outlet for anyone to become a storyteller. This is the real value of YouTube, it provides a platform to tell the story about your company, your products or yourself. You can post silly videos of your kids to share with grandma, you can capture a breaking story on your cell phone and share a first hand account with the country, or you can tell the 20 something’s out there how to do their hair for their fun night out. With the advents of the Flip camera and affordable video cameras along with editing software truly anyone can become a YouTube star. With such a wide landscape of possibilities the limits of the value of YouTube to you and your company are only limited by what you can imagine.

Here are some of my favorite videos from the past five years of YouTube:


The year’s top videos – in under 3 minutes

Just a fun day here at

Check out this list (one of many I’m sure) of the top 100 online videos from 2009.

The Top 100 videos of 2009 in less than 3 minutes

Now, how many of you wasted hours of time at work watching these videos?

The power of the internet.

Here’s the complete list for your convenience:

1. The Amazing Beat-box Kid2. Elephant Sneezing3. Surprised Kitty4. Weird Animal Gets Tickled5. Cat Kicked By Breakdancer6. Mambo Dog7. Two Dogs, One Cockroach8. So Your Cat Wants a Massage?9. The Horrifying Sleeping Dog10. Baby Does Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”11. David After Denist12. Baby Jack-In-The-Box13. Little Girl Flushes Fish14. Talkative Baby15. The Stay-at-Home Dad Workout16. Dog Freaks Out Upon Soldier’s Return17. Sad Giants Fan18. The Matrix in Legos19. NES Game Cartridge20. Soccer Gutar Hero21. Post-It Note Animation22. Cardboard Animation23. 20-Foot Front Flip24. The Tree Bike Trick25. Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong26. Man and His Exercise Ball27. This Guy is Good at Everything28. Human Mattress Dominoes29. Little Kid Break Dances on Ellen30. Glow-in-the-Dark Dancers31. Choreographed Wedding Entrance32. Fat Kid Gets Served33. The Crazy Shirtless Man Dance34. Insane Japanese Backpack Commercial35. Ghostbusters A Cappella36. Great Mascot Dance37. Smoking and Singing in the Shower38. Ping Pong Celebration39. Amazing JumboTron Performance40. The Breakfast Song41. Close Call With a Bus42. Man Defies Death Twice43. Woman Passes Out In Front of Train44. Kick to the Face #145. Snooki Gets Punched46. Russian Prank Gone Right47. Accigone48. WoW Freakout49. Bad UPS Man50. Butt Acrobatics51. Bat Prank52. Saving Private Ryan Prank53. Be a Smart Bully54. Fat Kid Sings About Being Fat55. Vanilla Ice Says Sorry56. Extreme Faith57. Jesus Pwn3d U58. Jesus Christ Bail Bonds59. Vince With Slap Chop60. Shamwow Guy in Jail61. Take U to the Movies62. OK GO – WTF63. Billy Mays Re-Dub64. Fat Kid Loves Bacon65. Balloon Boy Pukes66. 80s Video Dating67. Chicken Tetrazzini68. Phillies Fan Ruins News69. The Problem With Live News70. Giant Seagull Ruins News71. Will Ferrell Crashes Newscast72. Students Define Grinding73. Crazy Georgia Fan74. Susan Boyle75. Sharon Osbourne Vs. Charm School’s Megan76. Jimmy Kimmel Vs. Melissa Joan Hart77. Frisky Ewoks on Today78. Kittens! Inspired by Kittens79. Kanye’s Imma Let You Finish80. Mad Men’s Lawnmower Fiasco81. Wrecking Ball Vs. Mini Van82. Conan Hits His Head83. Hot Water Floor Prank84. Terrible Singers, Great Production Value85. Sleepwalking Dog86. Japanese Sniper Prank87. Unbelievable Baseball Catch88. Baseball Spin Swing89. Impossible Baseketball Shot90. Double Bicycle Kick91. Fantasy Football Players Show Off92. 9-Year-Old’s Amazing Hockey Goal93. Oops, Wrong Tackle94. Taco Explodes in Slow Motion95. Crazy Soccer Girl Fight96. Redhead Kid Dances97. Strange Kid Sings98. The Most Drunk Guy Ever99. Risky Business Fail100. Keyboard Cat


Steve Hayden: Product Focus groups are Silly

Last night here in Denver, while listening to Steve Hayden’s talk From Big Ideas to Big IdeaLs… (that’s an entirely another blog on another day)…Steve talked about a campaign for Shreddies, the Canadian version of Shreaded Wheat here in the U.S., that used a focus group to learn more about the new Shreadies product, DIAMOND SHREADIES. As you’ll see, people in focus groups are very polite people and will provide the desired response even if obviously wrong. This “focus group” video was then posted on YouTube and was viewed by almost a million people, that’s a lot in Canada, and sales ‘went way up beyond expectations’ after this and the new “Diamond Shreadies” campaign broke. I agree with Steve. It is silly to use focus groups to gain insight into the effectiveness of an ad or when your questions in the focus group lead the people to the answers you want to hear.

See for yourself.

Focus Group Video

Shreddies Commercial

Also, 81 Facebook pages and over 280 discussion groups have been started on this topic of Diamond vs. Square.

Steve Hayden is one of the most revered advertising copy writers since the mid 1970’s. He’s most respected for his “1984” commercial for the introduction of Apple’s Macintosh computers… an ad that only ran once during the 1984 Super Bowl, and most recently the “Real Beauty” campaign for Dove.


35% of the U.S. population uses Social Media to research health conditions!

This statistic is according to a recent research study conducted by Manhattan Research. It means that approximately 80 million consumers are reaching out to their social networks. Furthermore, these consumers are frequently internalizing, sharing and contributing health-related information via “health blogs, message boards, chat rooms, health social networks and health communities, and patient testimonials.”

Patient desire to consult their online network for medical advice creates an opportunity for healthcare communicators to join in on the conversation, and to encourage the spread of credible information. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been using many well-known social media applications, including YouTube, to educate the nation about H1N1 (swine flu). As of today, the CDC has posted 19 videos discussing all things related to the H1N1 virus; with some videos reaching much more than 1 million views. But the CDC doesn’t stop there. They are offering advice and consultation on multiple medical conditions, including cancer, HIV/AIDS/STDs and disaster response and preparedness.

Overall, I think the CDC has done an adequate job using YouTube to educate the general public. However, I do have one criticism. The CDC has disabled the comment feature on the videos. *I was looking forward to reading what other users thought about their videos to get a better idea of the general public’s perception of the CDC’s videos.

The main takeaway today is this, whether medical professionals like it or not, consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet and social media to search and often self-diagnose their conditions. Providing easily accessible, relevant information to your audience will not only enable them to find accurate information; it will also improve the likellihood that your healthcare organization will be top of mind when they decide to seek professional care.

Do you know of other providers in the healthcare industry that are using social media as a means to educate their community? Please share them with us by posting a comment below.


Musical stairs – A potential way to lower obesity rates in US?

Can transforming a flight of stairs into an oversized piano keyboard decrease obesity rates in the U.S.? Probably not, but I’m sure they would add a few more smiles to the faces of commuters!

I was looking for a hip viral and found a Web site that ranks viral videos by popularity. The site, aptly named Viral Video Chart, has ranked one from Volkswagon No. 1 in the last 24 hours. The English version of the video is titled “Piano Stairs – The Fun Theory.” The creators of the staircase were successful in enticing people to take the stairs versus the escalator, increasing use of the stairs by 66 percent. Pretty good results in my book.

Great viral. I would like to see some executions like this in America centered around healthy lifestyle choices. Any ideas?


boost your businesses SEO with video

I was perusing B2B Marketing Online’s Web site today when I stumbled upon a gem of a video discussing online video’s role in boosting SEO for business-to-business marketers.

The presentation focuses on video’s ability to improve SEO via universal search. Universal search essentially takes search terms (ex. Recording artist Michael Franti) and delivers an extensive list of results representing many types of media (Online articles, videos, PDFs, photos etc.)

Below is an example of the search results I received for Michael Franti. You will notice that my search produced photo, video, Web site and news results.

Picture 4

To learn more about using videos to boost your company’s SEO, click here to be redirected to the video.


you might need a tissue for this one


Prepare to have your heartstrings pulled. This ad spot for the Starship Foundation by DDB New Zealand and director Steve Ayson pulls out all the stops. Everything from the music to the acting are perfect for making you cry like a worker in an onion plant. Have a quick watch before reading the rest of this article:

Starship Foundation: Father and Son

The spot is based on this phrase you’ve probably heard or used before, “I would trade places with you if I could.” And boy is it effective as a concept!

It starts off with a very somber feel. The father looks sad and isn’t saying a word, which makes the music even more effective. When the family walks into the hospital, I noticed the young girl taking information from adult patients, which made me think something was up. After the hug-switch and the line, “You can’t trade places, but you can help,” I needed a minute to recover.

The ad concluded with information on how to donate. You can call a number to donate $20, or send a text to a short code to donate $3. How handy!

It’s interesting how short codes keep popping up all over the place. This is an excellent example of one effective use in a TV spot. Right at the end when you are about to weep, instead of whipping out your checkbook or making a phone call with a runny nose, you can simply send a text and donate a few bucks to that super cute child.

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