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Move over Facebook, there is a new social media channel in town

Pinterest has turned the act of “pinning” into a downright obsession among its 10 million users, providing never-ending pages of images that suck you in and leave you scrolling for more.  Needless to say, this site has taken procrastination to the next level.

Maybe it is the ease of pinning a variety of interests to your own boards that other people can “like” as well, or maybe it is just simply enticing because of the wealth of diverse images at your fingertips.  In any case, the female fan base has found reason to take up pinning as their new hobby.

Not only is Pinterest surpassing Facebook, Tumblr and the like in driving traffic to top websites such as,, and but according to The Week, it is doing so at an exponential rate unseen in other social media channels.

Once an image is repined, it is exposed to an entire new circle of people.  A cycle of advertising exposure that is essentially never-ending.

It makes sense, then, that businesses should jump on board this speed train.   And that, my friends, is exactly what is happening.  Because when it comes down to it, this is target marketing at its finest.

Businesses considering Pinterest can:

  1. Create their own pin boards that represent their company and their values. Think past and future designs, products, interesting product uses, ect.
  2. Smaller companies can even go as far as pinning interests that its employees have, making their company more personally relatable.
  3.  Add pin buttons (similar to the Facebook “like” button) to their website so people surfing their site can follow their boards on Pinterest.
  4. Feature new and upcoming products on these boards so the company can get a feel for the popularity based on the number of repins.  In short, it is test marketing without the legwork.

Obviously Pinterest is a great social media channel for any company who is advertising products that can be represented visually (food, magazines, fashion, automobiles, home improvement, art, etc.).   But it doesn’t have to stop there.  For instance, travel agencies can use visually enticing beaches or monuments to capture attention and fitness centers can use images of fit models to make people stop, think and click for more.

When it comes down to it, the basic psychology is this: people want to share their interests, but more importantly they want what everyone else has.  The higher the repin number, the more appealing that product becomes and the more attention it gets.

What do you think about Pinterest and how is your company including it in your social media efforts?  Have you pinned today?


Ready to Start a Blog – 7 free blog websites

For many, starting a blog is a daunting proposition; so today we’ll ease the task by sharing some blog basics.  Below are some of the most popular FREE blog hosting/posting websites.  When evaluating a new blog and these sites, be sure to understand how flexible the sites are in terms of images, content and scalability. Most importantly, determine the goals for the blog.

Blogr – Provides space to store and share photos, videos, audios and blog entries.

Blogger – Includes hundreds of background images, flexible layouts and widget arranging through a drag and drop interface.

Blogster – Part blog service and part online community of people who share interests and activities.

LiveJournal – Blogging platform focused on personal publishing, community involvement, and individual expression, blurring the lines between blogging and social networking.

Tumblr – Focuses on media-rich blogs, as the average user creates 14 original posts monthly. Half of those posts are photos. The rest are split between text, links, quotes, music and video.

WindowsLive – Free blog site, however must have an MSN account to another MSN service such as hotmail or messenger.

WordPress – Easy and intuitive platform that is the hosted version of the open source package. In the spirit of full disclosure, The Side Note is hosted on WordPress.

Another consideration when determining a blog website must be the additional features that can increase the blog scope/following and ability to monetize the site.  These considerations include:

  • Providing an RSS feed which is a text-based headline with a link, that is sent out to your subscribers as soon as it leaves your website.
  • A sync function to cross post with your other social media sites, such as your personal Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Paypal shopping cart to allow customers to purchase multiple items with a single payment, browse entire selection and view a consolidated list of items before purchasing.
  • Adding Adsense to incorporate advertising from Google (pay per click and pay per impression).
  • Plug in to help people  your posts on other social media services, such as Digg, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and

If you know of another free blog website that should be on this list or if there is another integral added feature that improves the ability to grow the site, please add it in a comment below.


Ten Web Sites to Watch This Year

Ever heard of Qik? How about Me neither. But according to Mark Sullivan of PC World, these are two of the top 10 Web sites he predicts will become popular in 2009.

Many of these sites seem to provide great solutions to help organize our lives and make them easier. I can definitely see why they’re predicted to rise to the top this year, especially as we become more entrenched in social networking, travel more often and demand instant entertainment in the palms of our hands.

Following is Mark’s full list:

1) – Offers full-length movies and prime-time TV shows
2)    Qik – Enables you to share live video from your phone
3)    Boxee – Gathers video from the Web and puts it in an interface that can be accessed on your PC or TV
4)    BlackBerry Application Storefront – Displays and sells applications for BlackBerry users
5)    Loopt – Provides the ability to detect the location of the mobile application user and mixes location awareness with social networking
6) – “Like Twitter for music.” Listen to songs and read other users comments (Blips) about them.
7) – “The ‘social inter-networking’ site. Lets you log in once, then view (and post to) any of a long list of social networking sites that you sync the service up with — all from one place.”
8)    Tweetag – Enables you to search for trends in what is being said on Twitter as well as find discussions of topics you’re interested in.
9)    Hi5 – “The third-largest social network in the world”
10)  Tripit – “Tripit aggregates all [your travel] details, throws in some handy tools like maps, local attractions, dinner reservations and weather reports, and wraps it up in an easy-to-use master itinerary.”

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