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Creating Relationships with Consumers

What does Coca-Cola mean to you? It is not just a big brand, Coca-Cola understands  how to connect with the heart of buyers. Their marketing campaigns WOW. They spend marketing dollars by giving back to customers and create a strong relationship with their audience with various unconventional marketing efforts.

Imagine a college student wants to get a coke from the vending machine but ending up getting more than she bargained for. In Coke’s most recent campaign, students get flowers, pizza, and even a huge sandwich from the vending machine. The Coke machine dispenses more than Coke product, it dispenses good will and happiness.

The viral nature of the happiness machine encourages consumers to create a true relationship with Coke. By establishing good will with consumers, especially in emerging markets, consumers will choose Coke because they like the brand – not to mention the taste.

Check out the rest of of the campaign’s viral videos here:

What do you think about Guerilla marketing? How would it help your business get more attention? Tell us what was your favorite unconventional guerilla or viral marketing campaign was and share with us on Facebook at Weise Communications, follow us on Twitter @Weise_Ideas.

Thanks to Duysal Ekinci for her help with this blog entry.


Brand Advocates make the Best Endorsers

Are you in love with your car? How about customizing it? Considered color-matched exterior mirrors with your headphones? You are not the only one who loves their car with passion. One of my favorite brands, MINI, ran an outdoor campaign last month in Berlin that brought to life an unconventional marketing idea. MINI is a unique brand which truly allows buyer to express their unique personality.

KLLD global lead agency for BMW group has developed a new campaign for MINI, inviting millions of fans of the car from around the world to become part of the MINI family. This is a brilliant campaign because ir creates a personal experience for buyers, like the tagline says, “It’s Personal. Be MINI.”

In this campaign, brand users got the chance to be in a MINI ad campaigns. Participants were invited to enter MINI Photo Box, clamp on a pair of vibrantly colored headphones and select their favorite model from the MINI family with color-matched exterior mirrors. There were four colors and four models to choose from: the MINI Hatch, MINI Convertible, MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman.

Next, participants appeared in real-time on a video screen together with their photo and personalized MINI model. The MINI campaign was set up overnight on May 16 and continued until May 29 at the intersection of Kurfürstendamm and Joachimstaler Straße in Berlin. The campaign also ran simultaneously with a Facebook launch. (LINK TO:)

“With our ‘It’s personal’ campaign, MINI fans interact individually and authentically in an urban environment,” says Julia Hartmann, MINI Brand Management. “Through the personal configuration of the model, along with their choice of colors, we encourage them to express their personality – in front of friends and a global audience.” This unconventional guerilla marketing campaign was set to reach more than two million people on location and over 1.8 million MINI Facebook fans.

What do you think about making brand users into stars of an advertising campaign? How would it help your business get more attention? Share with us on Facebook at Weise Communications, follow us on Twitter @Weise_Ideas.

Thanks to Duysal Ekinci for her help in this blog post.


Two Guerilla Marketing Campaigns Go “Green”

Special thanks to Hande Uckaleler for providing this blog post.

Are you thirsty? Go get a glass of water. What about ice? For sure, why not?

You know that water is life; water is health; water is everything for our body. As the saying goes, “eight glasses of water a day.” For the developed world, clean water is easy to find.

But, according to UNICEF, nearly 900 million people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Almost half of them are children and everyday 4,100 children die of water-related diseases.

A couple weeks ago was World Water Week. Many companies tried to gain attention about water. The companies hosted some events about different themes such as water quality, water supplying, water management, and water saving. UNICEF’s “Dirty Water” during World Water Week were not only one of the best guerilla-marketing campaigns we have seen in a while, but it also shed great light on the clean water issue.

They installed a vending machine in Manhattan’s Union Square raising awareness about the issue. The vending machine sold dirty water in various flavors – cholera, typhoid to name a few.

The dirty water campaign put dirty water bottles in the hands of New Yorkers. They got to see first hand what other people in developing nations are facing when they go to drink water to stay alive. Luckily, the campaign collected donations rather than expecting New Yorkers to drink the dirty water. The $1 bottle of water is enough for a child to drink clean water for 40 days. Pretty cool stuff!

Greenpeace recently executed another great guerilla campaign. Imagine it. You are walking on the street. It’s a great day, and maybe you are with your friends or your kids. There are many people around you. Suddenly everyone collapses on the ground. They look as though they are dead, but you are still standing, seemingly okay. How do you feel? What do you do? You might think, “Is that a joke or what?”

Greenpeace Switzerland’s campaign against nuclear plants, made this happened. This scary flash mob emulated what it would look like if a nuclear cloud spread over the country. The video, ‘The Zoning Plan,’ was viewed over 770,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube on May 25, 2010.

Look at the people in this video; they are in shock. Do you think they will ever forget this moment?

This is the reaction people look for when considering guerilla marketing.

What do you think about these campaigns and their tactics?


5 Keys to Successful Fusion Marketing

During challenging economic times, businesses are always looking for low-cost ways to market products and services.  Today’s idea is not only inexpensive; it is also a reliable and effective method of marketing products and services.

In its most simplistic form, fusion marketing is partnering with other businesses for the purpose of marketing for one each other’s business.  Here is an example, my neighborhood dry cleaners is located next to a sub sandwich restaurant.  When I dropped off some dry cleaning, I found a 20 percent coupon for the sandwich shop.  I thought I would grab some lunch and when I was paying for my discounted sandwich, I found a 20% percent coupon for the dry cleaners.

These two businesses were sending customers to each other. They had formed a strategic alliance and in marketing lingo, this is called fusion marketing.

The most critical component to successful fusion marketing is to identify the businesses with which to create strategic alliances; identifying these “Power Partners” is the foundation for success. A Power Partner is a business that has a similar target market as your business but doesn’t really compete with the products and services your business offers. Imagination is the only limiting factor when identifying Power Partners.

A powerful fusion marketing combination could be a wedding planner, a florist, a photographer, a baker, a mobile DJ and a bridal shop. How powerful would it be to have a ‘preferred partner’ link on each business website? How about having marketing materials at each business location, so when a prospective bride asks the florist, “Do you know a good photographer?”, the florist has a handy recommendation.

Here are the five keys to setting up a successful fusion marketing alliance:

Key 1: Identify your Power Partners.

Key 2: Determine the offer for each Power Partner.  The offers don’t necessarily have to be the same as in the coupon example above.

Key 3: Communicate with each other. Set up a regular meeting time to ensure that everyone agrees how to market each other’s businesses and refer customers.

Key 4: Share prospects and lead generation lists.  It may be possible to combine offers in the next customer sales pitch.

Key 5: Responsiveness and follow-up. Respond to customer inquiries and leads from Power Partners. Share lead conversions with Power Partners for future follow-up.

Tell us if you have any fusion marketing success, we are really interested in the combination of Power Partners and your best customer conversion story.

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PR and Sweet Treats and Gwyneth! Oh My!

Today’s blog post combines three of my favorite things: public relations (the fun, unpredictable kind), sugary treats (I’m addicted) and Gwyneth Paltrow (she’s just fabulous all around).

When GOOP, Gwyneth’s weekly newsletter and blog, arrived in my inbox this morning, I was happy to see that this week’s topic was about baking sweet, sugary goodies. But I was especially excited after reading about Treat Street, “the original, friendly, neighborhood, underground, roving, secret bakery,” which is in Los Angeles.

Three friends, who also happen to be artists, cooks and writers/editors, started Treat Street back in 2006. Every now and then – whenever the mood strikes them to bake lots and lots of goodies – they set up their cardboard “shop” in a driveway and sell their yummy treats. And, apparently, Treat Street is a big hit everywhere it goes.


I can’t get over what an amazing idea this is and how it’s taken off with little to no promotion. It’s not exactly guerrilla PR or marketing, it’s more like … guerrilla retailing. The fact that they pop up unannounced in a neighborhood and draw the attention (hey, Gwyneth Paltrow is blogging about them) and sales necessary to keep it up, shows that their business model is working – plus they offer a great product. Their PR and marketing program seems simple enough – be fun and unpredictable. I like that! Sometimes the best publicity efforts are the simplest ones.

What fun, simple or unpredictable PR or marketing program have you run across lately? Share your stories here.


Drowning in Guerrilla Marketing


I thought this guerrilla marketing/public awareness campaign by Ogilvy Action and MTV Switch was pretty ingenious.

In order to inexpensively raise awareness of rising sea levels, they used Amsterdam’s canals as the location to post signs – held up by very realistic-looking inflatable hands – that contain two simple sentences and MTV Switch’s Web address.

The campaign signs clearly get across the message of global warming, but they also suggest the idea that we are all going to drown in the rising seas if the problem is not solved.

It’s certainly an in-your-face campaign that surely received the attention desired. How clever!

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