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The Ethics of Mind Control

Mind control? Really? That’s what I keep reading in reference to the ethics of neuromarketing. Just because someone knows how to push your buttons doesn’t make it mind control. But it’s definitely intimate.

There are also a lot of references to the movie “Minority Report” and how the technology recognized Tom Cruise’s character and showed ads that spoke directly to him (you know we’re going there). Surely neuromarketing is the beginning of our road to such a place, but I have to say that I’d be happy to never see another ad for a ladies’ razor or have to hear about those “not so fresh days.” I want ads that appeal to me and me alone. Otherwise they are an annoyance.

I’m crawling down off my soapbox now to admit that I’m focused purely on the silver lining of all things neuromarketing, and to ask for your opinion. There are no videos today. No links. No photos to entice you to read. Just a pure platform for your thoughts on the ethics of everything we’ve talked about this week.

So spill it. Or I’ll be forced to read your mind.

Tomorrow: Our last day of neuromarketing and the official word of whether or not it actually works.

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