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How franchisors capitalize on social media – help your baby prosper

Its free, its accessible, and it reaches billions of people.  Social media is providing three key factors that should be putting dollar signs in the eyes of franchisors.

Being active in your marketing efforts while maintaining control over how your brand is portrayed is a key for franchise success. Creating awareness, engaging customers, building customer loyalty, and boosting sales are all goals for franchisors, and social media doesn’t just accomplish these things; it does it with a smile.

Smashburger, a fast-casual, gourmet burger franchise is a prime example of how a small business can catapult into the big leagues via social media. Birthing from three Denver locations, this restaurant became a smash hit with its expansion to 150 locations nationwide. With more than 77,000 followers on Facebook, reaching out to bloggers and their tweeting prowess, they have solidified the social media tools for expanding a franchise.

Just how did they do it?  Here are a few suggestions they have for your franchise success:

  • Get on the same page as your customers

People like to talk about themselves and what they want and like.  Give your customers the chance to feel like they are a part of how your product or service is expanding. Use queries relating to feedback on a new product or answer their questions and complaints. If your franchisee is going to prosper, they have to listen to the desires of their target market. Take these examples from Smashburger’s Facebook and Twitter:


  • Make your interaction enticing

Posting information about a new product or service can be effective, but allowing the customer to be a part of the decision is even better.  Trivia contests, voting pools and giveaways allow the customer to feel like their opinions are creating your brand.  Interactive coupons also keep customers engaged and coming back to your page to check out what is being offered today; keeping your business in the forefront of their mind.  Smashburger called out for votes and shared a link where they could vote to help their burger make it to the final round of the Dallas Morning News Burger Madness bracket:


  • Keep it interesting

Consistency in updating your social media profile will keep people interested.  That said, humor and playfulness should not be overlooked. Simply creating a chuckle from your customer will improve their retention of the message you are conveying.  Check out how Smashburger used humor to reach their customers:


Moral of the story, if you aren’t using social media you aren’t gaining the best exposure for your businesses. It is an opportunity to engage customers and that engagement can lead to loyal customers. Be sure to allocate enough resources to effectively manage your social media presence. Your franchisee will thank you. And even more importantly, they won’t go rogue.

A big thank you to Bre Wolta for her research and help uncovering Smashburger’s social media success.


Three Ways Twitter Can Help Grow Your Business

As social media marketing and web outreach continues to rise, connecting with your customers via Twitter will help your business develop a healthy social media presence. Here are three methods showing how Twitter can increase brand awareness, maintain customer loyalty and establish credibility for your business.

1. Customer Service
This past week European car retailer Peugeot launched its new Twitter customer care service. As with many companies, the car brand took notice of how Twitter acts as an outstanding customer care platform. Twitter supports existing customer care lines and offer a fast way to addresses issues or concerns. Resolving client complaints serves to keep customers happy.

In a recent interview with Brand Republic Marketing Magazine, Andrew Goodall, internet manager of Peugeot UK said, “We expect the Twitter to serve as a vital method of tracking and managing customers’ needs – identifying common trends in queries, and ultimately helping us to improve and build on their needs in the future.”

Using Twitter as a customer service platform is a wonderful way to address issues and improve customer relations.

2. Reaching New Customers
In a report published last month by the official Twitter blog, it was noted that there are nearly 500,000 new accounts created each day. Can you imagine the great impact it would have on your business if you were able to reach a mere fraction of these users?  Through performing searches and creating enticing content, your business withstands to gain a wide range of followers, supporters and potential customers.

3. Be Seen as an Expert
No matter what line of business you are marketing, creating expertise in your field is key to driving revenue. People are interested in working with knowledgeable establishments. Use Twitter to display why your business is more knowledgeable than its competitors. By sharing industry news, links to awards, articles and positive client reports you can easily showcase and share the extent of your expertise.

If you would like to share how Twitter has positively impacted your business or if you need help in creating a tailored social media campaign, contact us on Facebook at Weise Communications and follow @Weise_Ideas on Twitter.

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