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Taking mobility in a different direction

Tired of dealing with that cumbersome keyboard? Does it keep you tethered to your desk?  Dutch designer Erik De Nijs has the solution for you. He has combined fashion with function to come up with Keyboard Pants. We have a concern that repeatedly hitting the spacebar in mixed company would become a faux pas.

The wearable peripheral is Bluetooth enabled, has integrated speakers and a pocket designed for travel-sized mice.

It appears to be a perfect accompaniment to the WiFi Detector Shirt.  This shirt alleviates the frustration of opening your laptop to determine if there is WiFi availability.

These two “inventions” may be some of the best commercials for Smartphones.

In the near future, mobile phones will combine voice and text communication functionality with that of PCs, TVs, personal navigation systems and other sophisticated software to browse the Internet. As consumers become more proficient in using Smartphones, they will demand applications they can access on the go.

Going mobile continues the trend that has seen communications move from voice conversations to Short Message Standard (SMS) texting, e-mail, social networking and instant messaging. Accessing this technology on the go is simply the next step.

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Creating Provocative Headlines

One of the keys to successful online marketing is to have fresh, break-through content updated on your website regularly.  However, getting people interested in your content means that you have to have a headline that immediately captures attention.

There are times when authors struggle to generate catchy headlines, now we have a resource – and it’s free!

The Linkbait Generator performs a simple function; it generates captivating headlines based on the subject you type.  As most know, linkbaiting creates a natural backlink for your web page by getting people to tweet about it, blog about it or post on user generated content sites.  In short Linkbaiting helps your content go viral.

For example, I typed ‘Social Media’ in the subject line and the Linkbait Generator returned these headlines.

  • 10 common misconceptions about social media
  • Why social media sucks: myth vs. reality
  • 5 insane but true things about social media

I could easily see blogs about any of these topics.  As a side note, not every headline will be good or relevant, but with a little patience, it will return something you can develop into an interesting idea.

Tell us if you have any success using Linkbait Generator and get tangible ROI as a result of a more provocative headline.

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The evolution of inner space

The Jaz Drive. Solid State Storage.

The Jaz Drive. Solid State Memory.

After recently purchasing a new external hard drive and being amazed by the advances in technology with respect to cost, I ran across the following infographic and it immediately caught my attention. This infographic shows the evolution of storage media, from the original record players to the latest flash drives and hard drives.

The old rule of thumb has been that every six months technology will double in size or speed and half in price. Well, that may not always be true, but if you haven’t been shopping lately for technology, you’ll be amazed by the current prices.


Gap commercial… What is the problem here?

In the last few days, the blog world has exploded in controversy with this new Gap holiday commercial. I saw it on TV last night and I thought there was cool dancing, there must be cheer leaders to pull that off, especially the girl who gets tossed 20 feet in the air at one point, nice sound stage to shoot on, good choreography. I also think the lyrics were fine…except that the Gap is showing its PC side. We have seen mostly PC holiday messages for years now.

But now there are groups (well, one actually: American Family Association – AFA) that are all bent out of shape because in the commercial’s lyrics say “You 86 the rules, you do what feels just right.”

I just dont understand the problem with the commercial. What do you think?

I have to run. I am attending a “Celebrate the coming of Winter with this Winter Welcome gathering” at Stapleton’s town center. Now that’s just another PC name for the lighting of the Christmas lights at my town center.  I hope people aren’t upset when they get there to find out Christmas won’t be mentioned anywhere. What a world we live in.

Here are the lyrics for the GAP commercial:
Two, Four, Six, Eight, now’s the time to liberate
Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, Go Kwanza, Go Solstice.
Go classic tree, go plastic tree, go plant a tree, go add a tree,
You 86 the rules, you do what feels just right.
Happy do whatever you wanukkah, and to all a cheery night.

Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, go whatever holiday you wanukkah.


Steve Hayden: Product Focus groups are Silly

Last night here in Denver, while listening to Steve Hayden’s talk From Big Ideas to Big IdeaLs… (that’s an entirely another blog on another day)…Steve talked about a campaign for Shreddies, the Canadian version of Shreaded Wheat here in the U.S., that used a focus group to learn more about the new Shreadies product, DIAMOND SHREADIES. As you’ll see, people in focus groups are very polite people and will provide the desired response even if obviously wrong. This “focus group” video was then posted on YouTube and was viewed by almost a million people, that’s a lot in Canada, and sales ‘went way up beyond expectations’ after this and the new “Diamond Shreadies” campaign broke. I agree with Steve. It is silly to use focus groups to gain insight into the effectiveness of an ad or when your questions in the focus group lead the people to the answers you want to hear.

See for yourself.

Focus Group Video

Shreddies Commercial

Also, 81 Facebook pages and over 280 discussion groups have been started on this topic of Diamond vs. Square.

Steve Hayden is one of the most revered advertising copy writers since the mid 1970’s. He’s most respected for his “1984” commercial for the introduction of Apple’s Macintosh computers… an ad that only ran once during the 1984 Super Bowl, and most recently the “Real Beauty” campaign for Dove.


Musical stairs – A potential way to lower obesity rates in US?

Can transforming a flight of stairs into an oversized piano keyboard decrease obesity rates in the U.S.? Probably not, but I’m sure they would add a few more smiles to the faces of commuters!

I was looking for a hip viral and found a Web site that ranks viral videos by popularity. The site, aptly named Viral Video Chart, has ranked one from Volkswagon No. 1 in the last 24 hours. The English version of the video is titled “Piano Stairs – The Fun Theory.” The creators of the staircase were successful in enticing people to take the stairs versus the escalator, increasing use of the stairs by 66 percent. Pretty good results in my book.

Great viral. I would like to see some executions like this in America centered around healthy lifestyle choices. Any ideas?


finally, a good reason to be pulled-over

Kalona, a rural town in Iowa, is making the national spotlight for a recent public relations campaign that involves pulling over unsuspecting out of state drivers.

The Chamber of Commerce and the town’s sheriff began pulling over out of state drivers last week. Once to the side of the road, the drivers are approached by the town’s sheriff and asked if they have about 20 hours to spend with us here in Kalona.

Drivers are then given a gift basket full of goodies from local Kalona businesses, a free night’s stay and a T-shirt that says, “Ask me about Kalona, Iowa.”

I think this is an interesting approach at stimulating tourism in rural America. However, it does raise a few questions regarding what happens in certain situations. For example, what happens if the driver they pull over has been drinking or has a warrant out for their arrest?

I’m not trying to be nit-picky and I’m sure the town has thought through all the details. These are just the first questions that come to mind.

But I’m from rural Minnesota, and I completely get what they are trying to do here. I’m sure Kalona is a nice family friendly place where everyone knows your name.

Cheap Cheers reference 🙂


you might need a tissue for this one


Prepare to have your heartstrings pulled. This ad spot for the Starship Foundation by DDB New Zealand and director Steve Ayson pulls out all the stops. Everything from the music to the acting are perfect for making you cry like a worker in an onion plant. Have a quick watch before reading the rest of this article:

Starship Foundation: Father and Son

The spot is based on this phrase you’ve probably heard or used before, “I would trade places with you if I could.” And boy is it effective as a concept!

It starts off with a very somber feel. The father looks sad and isn’t saying a word, which makes the music even more effective. When the family walks into the hospital, I noticed the young girl taking information from adult patients, which made me think something was up. After the hug-switch and the line, “You can’t trade places, but you can help,” I needed a minute to recover.

The ad concluded with information on how to donate. You can call a number to donate $20, or send a text to a short code to donate $3. How handy!

It’s interesting how short codes keep popping up all over the place. This is an excellent example of one effective use in a TV spot. Right at the end when you are about to weep, instead of whipping out your checkbook or making a phone call with a runny nose, you can simply send a text and donate a few bucks to that super cute child.


Is your resume this well done?

I love simple ideas. Especially when the idea takes an already simple idea and improves it.

Michael Anderson, of Romney, West Virginia, is a graphic designer. He designed his resume to be the best resume I, and many others in the blogosphere, have ever seen. He graphically, and efficiently, charts his entire career. He includes in a graphic timeline all of his education and jobs, with overlays of job titles, skills acquired/used, software programs learned/used.  A simple chart, Daily Intake & Output, tells a lot about his personality as it charts the relationship of coffee intake and focus, communication, productivity and humor.

Not only is the design sharp and very well done, but the color choices are very appealing and I’m sure would stand out on any pile of resumes.

Now if I only had a job for this guy!

Michael Anderson's resume

Michael Anderson's resume

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