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Mobile Marketing Ad-Growth Rates to Reach 94% a year hitting $87M by 2014.

Really? That was my reaction. Last week I blogged that the potential of mobile marketing is still to be realized, but growth at this percentage seems almost unrealistic. So many businesses are still adapting to social media let alone adding mobile marketing to their mix. Or are they?

In the article on, Juniper Research forecasts that this industry can expect a 94% growth rate ANNUALLY for the next FIVE years. That means more and more companies will be implementing mobile marketing campaigns.

mobile three phones

So why is mobile marketing so attractive? Cellular-news summed it up quite well “… it combines the wide reach of television with the precision of direct marketing and the tracking potential of the Internet.”

Recently, T-Mobile reported that “mobile ads are 30 times more effective than internet ads.” This doesn’t shock me since I’m not a big believer in banner ads. But this is such a significant number you can help but take notice. The findings come from a Czech Republic pilot program that included 22 advertisers, such as Coke-Cola and L’Oreal (yet over 3,000 advertisers were contacted – showing this channel is still in its infancy). Nonetheless, this just shows how global mobile marketing is.

Companies large and small are exploring and testing this channel. Lots of reports are being written. Organizations like hospitals are adding mobile communications to their mix. The possibilities do seem endless. iPhones are more affordable. Just about everyone has a mobile phone. There is quite a lot of data that could support this amount of growth. This is a hot topic.

If you are wondering what mobile marketing can do for your business, it’s very much like social media – you must first join in on the conversation. Let’s talk. I plan to keep blogging on this topic in July since there is so much to watch and review.

What is your company doing to reach consumers online? Are you texting your clients? Or sending coupons to your customers?


Welcome to the world of mobile marketing. The potential is still to be realized!

As if it is not enough for business owners to focus on social networking strategies and results, mobile marketing is quickly competing for the spotlight.


In April of last year, Google introduced mobile image ads allowing advertisers to send branded messages that appear as they would on your desktop. “The image ads are keyword-targeted, priced on a CPC basis and must link to a mobile web page, according to an article in” Click here for more.

As with any technology these days, it quickly advances and offers more. This past February, Google expanded its map feature offering real time location information. This could provide unique promotion opportunities for business owners who would communicate to their opt-in audience with timely information on store sales, etc. This could take advertising to a whole new level. Only time will tell.

But, do mobile marketing campaigns work?

Yes they do. But like with any advertising channel, there are a lot of contributing factors that can make a campaign successful. Look at Jiffy Lube in Iowa. In summary, they executed an integrated campaign, and sent out coupons via mobile. It garnered a great initial response, but the coupons were not redeemed on the same scale. It shows there is more to a campaign than just a great idea, it’s also about execution and timing. For more on their results, click here.

“Mobile marketing is so much more than just cell phones.” This is just one of the five things author Eric Bader of BrandInHand wrote that you should consider with mobile marketing. I think the key to this channel is that you can reach your market right at THEIR fingertips with their mini computer in hand. You just need to be targeted and timely with your communication. Click here to read more.

Here’s a list of 10 top mobile campaigns in 2006. I share this from a few years ago to show that mobile marketing is not new and is being used to promote products and services in a variety of ways, from shoes to entertainment. Click here for the supporting details.

  1. Nike ID
  2. Dove Campaign (For Real Beauty)
  3. Pontiac G6
  4. American Express Wimbledon Sponsorship
  5. Lenovo Mobile WAP
  6. NBC Deal or No Deal
  7. Axe
  8. Nike Airmax
  9. Addidas QR Tagging
  10. Snakes On a Plane

So, who should lead the way in exploring the success of this channel?

The answer is anyone who is trying to reach their target audience. This is not new technology, it just continues to advance and more results are becoming known. We don’t need to wait for the big corporations to test the market. They already are. We need to be smart about mobile campaign advertising and its integration into the big picture of our marketing mix.

Watch for more on this subject from me.

Have you used mobile marketing in your overall marketing plan? What results have you received? What advice would you like to share?


10 Quick and Easy Strategies to Increase Sales and Profits During a Recession

What a great article from! It never hurts to have a friendly reminder of what we should be thinking of to increase sales and not just maintain or get by. And I say “we” because recessions affect all types of business. None of us are immune.

Here is a summary of the top 10:

1. Track your marketing and public relations efforts

2. Look for new ways to re-position your product or service

3. Find new distribution channels—this includes the Internet

4. Create joint venture relationships

5. Implement a “rewards referral program”

6. Know your numbers

7. Be the expert

8. Stand out from the competition – differentiate yourself

9. Join a mastermind group or coaching program

10. Build stronger relationships with your customer base—send out a survey

So many to consider! One could find it difficult to focus and make changes. Yes, I say “change” because we all get comfortable with systems and ways of doing business. However, today we need to look down the road not always taken. We should do this more often than not.

For me, No. 6 and No. 8 work hand-in-hand and are the starting points. You need to know your bottom line, price points, and efficiencies, and determine how to leverage them. You also need to communicate to your market the reasons you are better and what you have to offer that others don’t. Only after that can you explore new ways to increase sales, like partnering with other businesses that compliment yours and offer your customers a better product/service.

What strategy have you implemented recently that is increasing sales? Is it on the list above?

For the whole article, click here.


Put your Money into Marketing…Especially in a Recession

Easier said than done. Or is it? Many business owners find it difficult to allocate dollars to marketing, whether they’re starting up or growing their business. However, the name of the game these days is lead generation.

The question becomes, “How am I going to keep my client base or find new consumers?”

If you are starting up your business, you are probably struggling to raise enough capital to just open the doors. However, costs today are lower than years ago. On, Your Startup on a Shoestring” holds true even as our economy struggles and banks tighten up their lending process.

Look to the Internet. Establish your Web site, and even do this in steps if necessary to keep costs down. Cap your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and budget your dollars. This article also has some great money saving tips and provides great recommendation, such as “put as much of your money into marketing as possible”.

If you are an established business trying to grow or just maintain, the same is true. Look to the Internet. Evaluate your Web site. Maybe it is time for improvements. Explore social network opportunities. Get involved. Create a PPC campaign. Update your promotions and coupons.

On, the article Win Sales from Recession-Minded Consumers discusses “3 ways to woo shoppers this summer”. You know it is all about savings!

  1. Market Special Promotions
  2. Modernize Coupons
  3. Woo Stay-at-Home Shoppers


Just think, coupons are back. And, by popular demand! This article highlights that “nearly 80 percent of consumers surveyed in the 18-to-34 age group say they’re much more likely or somewhat more likely to use coupons if they can download them and have them automatically connected to an electronically swiped frequent shopper card.” That is something to think about.

dell couponAnd coupons are not just for consumers. Dell has coupons for small businesses online.

In times of recession, we must be creative and continue to think of ways to reach clients and consumers to build relationships. Talk to your audience online or at an event. In the article Recession Marketing All About Connections, the author recommends face-to-face connections to build credibility. Hold an event and promote it though your social media networks. Promote your business at a trade show. New and old ways of marketing can be combined to keep costs down and maximize exposure.

There is a lot of good conversation and advice online for B2B and B2C. You will notice writers continue to talk about Internet marketing and social media. Why? I believe it has to do with putting clients and consumers in the driver seat and putting your money into marketing channels where you can track results immediately.

How are you allocating your marketing dollars? What results are you seeing? Let us know and we may share your story!


Ten Key Principles of Franchise Marketing For Any Business

One of the benefits of being a franchise owner is inheriting an established brand and receiving immediate brand recognition in the marketplace. Owners can leverage the strategy and creative developed by the corporate office and capitalize on its proven direction that is executed consistently across the state, region or global market.

An article posted on highlights the key principles of franchise marketing, all of which apply to business owners in any industry. Below is a summary, or click here for the complete article.


  1. Know your market
  2. Differentiate your product or service from the competition
  3. Promote through PR, internet advertising, and traditional media such as radio
  4. Position yourself as an expert
  5. Keep past customers coming back with loyalty campaigns and special offers
  6. Create your Web site or utilize what your franchise package provides
  7. Develop marketing collateral (needs depend on the type of franchise – this is important for B2B franchises and less for fast food)
  8. Develop a database and track your campaigns
  9. Establish a referral system
  10. Be innovative and try new ways to reach customers

I think the most valuable ones to focus on today, if you are not already doing them, are No. 5 and No. 10.

It is always more costly to find new customers. I recommend finding ways to keep your base and grow organically. We talk a lot about social media. These networks allow you to communicate with your audience providing you with an opportunity to send messages with offers or important information through Twitter and Facebook – something to consider if you are not already doing it.

I always find it interesting when franchise owners buy into the company vision and offering and then don’t use the provided campaigns or Web site system. Most often they are already paying for these tools. Some say they want to have their own program or campaign. Some don’t know what is available to them. I’ve had conversations with prospects and clients alike on this very subject.

In the article “10 Signs of a Great Franchise Opportunity”, No. 5 talks about marketing and advertising; stating the importance of knowing what is in place and what you will get for your money. So if you are looking to buy, I recommend finding out more beforehand, so you are better equipped when times are tough in order weather the storm and even grow your business.

As the economy slowly improves, consider what your franchise offers or try new ways to reach out to your market.

What new campaigns or new ideas have you implemented? What were your results?


Great Signage Can be as Effective as an Marketing Campaign to Drive Business

Last Friday, I headed to the mountains like many of us in Colorado to celebrate the long weekend, do some hiking and visit my parents in Florissant (just east of Woodland Park).

It was raining and as we got closer we passed the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center. My 9 year old has been asking to go for years. This seemed the perfect time since Saturday it was going to rain all day.

It has an amazing presence in the small western town of Woodland Park. The curb appeal is awesome and they have a large, hard-to-miss sign that posts upcoming events. Their signage is a great example of how you don’t necessarily need a big marketing campaign if you have effective signage.

The next day we went, grandparents and all. It was interesting to see a working fossil laboratory and enjoy the skeletons of many dinosaurs in a museum-like setting. There is a place, too, for younger kids to explore, color, do dinosaur rubbings and watch a dinosaur video. I was also surprised to learn the exhibits change as a result of their field work.  


So, if you find yourself looking for something to do on a rainy day near Woodland Park, I recommend you check out the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center. Driving down Highway 24 and look for the large sign and dinosaur out front. You can’t miss it.

BTW…They have a great gift shop where you’ll find dinosaur themed shoes for the little ones and real fossils for the older. And, you may want to check out their hand-painted dinosaur chess set.

For more, click on the link:


Worst and Best Franchise Brands

As I read about what is happening in the world of franchising, it is always interesting to see who is expanding or not. I love those articles that highlight new strategies and the “risky” franchises. I’m a risk taker. I love a challenge.

In February, the Wall Street Journal released the worst and best franchise brands based on SBA loan performance in 2008. We all know there are many factors that impact a business’ success. Yet, as more people decide to buy a franchise this year whether from being recently unemployed after years of service, not having the option to retire, or simply being ready for a challenge, this could be a good list to review. For more on this list and blue maumau’s list, click here.

On the list of best brands that caught my eye was Massage Envy. It can also be found on Entreprenuer’s Top 106 Franchises in 2009. For this complete list, click here.

Massage EnvyI was surprised to find they have over 20 locations here in Colorado. I’ve been getting their postcards for months. I am certainly their market, and I LOVE going for a massage. The price is affordable and they are nearby. However, I have not gone. Why? This could explain why we typically see direct mail results around a one percent response rate. As you know, you need the volume and repetition for a successful direct mail campaign.

So, how can new franchises stay off the worst list and not only reach their market but get them to respond so they can pay off their SBA loan? This is the million dollar question.

Don’t just take a risk and believe in the potential without a solid projection and plan. Do your research. Know your market. Dedicate resources to marketing and public relations in a variety of channels. Network. Ask your customers. And, most importantly, track your results.

That is what Massage Envy first-time franchise owners David and Anne Glover did. Now they own four franchises. For more about their risk assessment when selecting a franchise, click here.

Are there any on the list that surprise you?

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