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LinkedIn announced yesterday. a partnership with Twitter  The goal of this integration is to enable professionals to leverage the best of both worlds in their day-to-day activities. The new feature will roll out within the next week and enable users to share their LinkedIn status updates via Twitter and vice versa. Below is a YouTube video, featuring LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone. They explain the rationale for the partnership, and the final part of the video provides a brief tutorial of how to use the new feature.




Saved by the ex-girlfriend: Coke Zero Commercial

I found this video today while looking for funny commercials on, and thought it was funny enough to share. The video is called “The Ex,” and I know I wish this could have happened to me on more than one occasion. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Thanks again for getting some on the side!


7-Eleven launches digital video network

Brandweek reported today that the 7-Eleven franchise has launched their own digital video network in 60 stores scattered throughout California, Texas and Florida. Full rollout is expected by the end of next year.

Retailers, including Wal-Mart have been implementing digital television networks in their stores for some time now. Brandweek reports that these networks help “leverage [retailers] for in-store merchandising and creating a positive customer experience.”

The content aired on the in-store television will run in four-minute loops, in five different loops throughout the day.

Personally, I think this is a very interesting strategy. This may increase purchases made by “regulars” but I don’t know how effective it will be at targeting people who are swinging through for a pack of gum and a coke. I also believe that 7-Eleven is the first convenience store to launch a program of this nature. However, it reminds me of the really cheesy in-store loop ran by my bank. I feel awful for the employees who have to watch the loop over and over again.


Recap from AMA’s “B2B Marketing Goes Digital” webinar

Today I had the pleasure of sitting in on the American Marketing Association’s Webinar titled, “B2B Marketing Goes Digital: Trends & Insights on Interactive Marketing.” The Webinar was in panel format and had three contributors: Lisa Arthur (CMO, Aprimo, Inc.), Megan Heuer (research director, SiriusDecisions) and Vida Tamoshunas (senior marketing strategist, SIGMA Marketing Group). I found the Webinar to be extremely informative, and I share some of the highlights below.

According to Heuer, online is the primary inquiry source among consumers with 55 percent in 2009 using it to learn more about a company. She also said that this statistic is expected to grow to 71 percent by 2014.

Interactive spending trends are forecasted to reach $65 billion by 2014. Although, I found a recent Forrester report that predicts this year’s interactive spending to only be $55 billion. Either way, this is a big deal for marketers because total 2009 interactive spending is expected to be around $25 billion. This means the interactive market could very well double in five years.

Lastly, the commentators were asked to discuss cutting edge marketing approaches that are currently realizing results in the digital marketplace. Tamoshunas said that many business to business companies are getting good results from integrating traditional channels with new media. She cited digital’s ability to track performance on the backend as the reason for these positive results. Heuer believes virtual events, such as Webinars, are currently profitable. And Arthur explained that Aprimo has seen a dramatic increase in their organic search engine optimization (SEO) due to the company’s blog.

These are some intriguing statistics and trends. I know our agency would agree with Arthur’s comment about improving organic SEO results by creating a company blog.

What has worked well this year for your company?


I can’t find a hospital in Denver! There’s an app for that.

HealthONE and Healthagen have entered into a partnership to provide an iPhone application for communities within the Denver metro area. The free application, iTriage, will assist consumers by empowering “them to evaluate their symptoms, learn about possible causes, find appropriate locations for treatment, as well as get cost information based on the type of facility they visit.”

This is a great step for HealthONE, who is taking the initiative seriously and rolling the program out nationwide. According to Healthagen CEO Pete Hudson, “HealthONE’s premier listing provides more extensive, interactive information for consumers, as well as offering their facility a new channel to reach potential patients.”

If you think you might have trouble learning how to use this application, be sure to check out HealthONE’s iTriage tutorial on their punny YouTube channel “Health ONEderful.”


What Halloween has taught marketer’s about false advertising.

Halloween is tomorrow, and if you’re in Denver you may not be looking forward to a long night trudging through the snow. Cheer up! Weise has cooked up something special for you on the side. The video below focuses on the dangers of false advertising and what they can do to your brand – with a Halloween spin to it, of course.

As you have just learned, eventually a customer might punch you in the face. Keep it honest guys. Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween with your families.


9% of small businesses report using Twitter for marketing

BIA/Kelsey released a report containing the information provided in the picture below. Marketing Reports analyzed the results, including current business to business trends and predictions of social media adoption rates moving forward.



Is business to business Social Media adoption approaching a tipping point?

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