Advertising – Disney Gets Healthy


Disney has announced that, in an effort to reduce the absurd number of obese children in America, they are going to restrict all advertisements on their child-focused television channels that do not comply with a new set of nutritional standards.

Not only that, but they are going to put the “Mickey Check” on all Disney-licensed products in grocery stores that meet their nutritional criteria. Meanwhile, they are also reducing the sodium by 25% in the food that is served in their theme parks worldwide.

Perhaps this is a start to a brand that families can trust.

Being in the advertising world, I know the forceful impact our messages have on our youth. As a mother of two, I experience this impact when my children see commercials for the newest, brightly colored, enticing food package that contains everything besides something nutritious. I applaud Disney for pulling the advertisements that consistently make my children beg for the newest “Box O’ Sugar.”

Besides the obvious influence this decision will make on children’s health, this initiative is smart for Disney’s brand. They know the health craze is in full flight right now, and Disney will have the support from the growing population of health food advocates. Being one of the biggest brands in the world, they have the power launch initiatives that will leave other kid-targeting businesses no choice but to fall in line.

They have the power to help shape up our children, and they are using it.

Tell us what you think about Disney’s initiative. Will you be more willing to support the Disney brand now that they are showing concern for our children?

8 Responses to “ Advertising – Disney Gets Healthy”

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