Let’s get organized in the digital world!

Are you getting lost doing research on too many websites or having a hard time finding your extremely important notes? Are you frustrated when working late at night and you cannot seem to find that website your were reading on your work computer earlier in the day? Sometimes it is hard to keep your notes organized while you work on other projects, but no fear Diigo is here.

Diigo is an app that has some unique options to keep online reading and researching easy. Diigo allows you to take personal sticky notes and highlight text information with multiple colors on web pages just as you would on a piece of paper. It automatically saves, so anytime you come back to that webpage the information will be highlighted.

You can also choose to share with colleagues and friends to allow them to access the webpage, view your notes and highlights and add their own notations – even if they do not use Diigo.

Here is the best part for me, you can access your notes on any computer or browser, including cell phones with browsing capabilities. Therefore, you do not have to worry about taking notes at work and then trying to find again on your home computer or iPad.

The other useful part is for Diigo you can choose to upload the page, even if it is dynamic or password protected (if you have accessed it before), search your collections full-text, including highlights, sticky notes, titles, etc of the web pages, keep things private or public. There are a lot of great uses and options for anyone researching online.

These kinds of tools really help keep everything easy and organized, in a digital world. Today, we read online, work online, search online, be social online; we do almost everything online. Diigo is especially applicable for teachers, students, writers, business, researchers and people who read a lot.

What do you think about that kind of tool? Is it useful for you?

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