What Can Google+ Do For Health Care Marketing?

Google+ is brings yet another social media site that companies need to join. However, don’t be sour about it just yet, Google+ might actually bring something different to the health care industry in regards to online marketing.

CMI Media just completed a research study, discussed in the article What Will Google Plus Mean for HealthCare. They found surprisingly promising results that will only further help health care reach individuals online.

The biggest benefit is that Google+ can help health organizations and companies “affect unbranded searches, such as for a disease state rather than for a medication.” This could be a new brand new development for online marketing because branded searches are what its all about. In order to use Google+ to the fullest, marketers need to focus on targeted search marketing and encourage companies to add the +1 button to all of their important pages on their websites.

The +1 button attached to Google+ is also something new to the social media world.  With Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, you have a link somewhere on the website of a company where you can “Like” a page or post a page to your account.  With Google+, users can add all the stuff they “Like” immediately at the search page and not have to search for a like button somewhere in the websites domain.  However, just to be on the safe side, Google has allowed the +1 button to be placed next to any Facebook/Twiiter Like buttons on company websites.  By having the +1 button readily available on the search engine this increases the “ease of use” of the new social media and in the online world, “ease of use” is one of the most important factors of a website or platform.

So as with any new big social media platform, new analytics must be looked and researched when looking at online campaigns.  Make sure you add Google+ to your analytics data especially by logging your volume of +1’s.

What do you think about Google+ and how will you change your marketing efforts? Let us know by commenting, following us on Twitter @Weise_Ideas or finding us on Facebook at Facebook.com/WeiseCommunications.

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