Breaking Down Barriers: Opportunity to Persuade

Have you subconsciously set up a complex layer of impenetrable defense to fend off the daily bombardment of marketing messages? If so, you are not alone.  Today, I was conducting ‘man on the street’ interviews to gain some market insight for a client.  I faced a lot of rejection – primarily it was skeptical people that offered a quick excuse to get me to shine on.

What I was sensing was people tired of being the target of another marketing message.  It doesn’t matter if the message would be interesting to them – they raise their defense.

I began looking for opportunities to raise trust, like giving directions to Old Navy, pointing out the closest restrooms and holding the door open for a Mom and her stroller. I thought if I gained trust through those actions, I may be more successful in securing interviews.

Then, I wondered if I could identify windows of opportunity to persuade people that I can leverage as a marketer.  Here is my list:

  • When the prospect is indebted to me because I did them a favor (I think this was my subconscious attempt to gain trust)
  • When the prospect is in a really good mood
  • When the prospect is searching for a logical answer to an illogical situation

I also thought of two times when I am likely to be defenseless against being persuaded, don’t know if I can leverage this as a marketer, but interesting never-the-less:

  • Immediately after I have made a mistake
  • Shortly after I have denied someone a simple request

We see attempts by advertisers to shift our mindset and thereby lower our defenses to create a window for persuasion.  Advertisers use humor to put people in a good mood. We’ve seen advertisers in the recent political campaign position candidates as illogical and provide a different candidate as the solution.

Tell us if you create windows of persuasion with your marketing efforts, and if you have identified other times where the impenetrable defense is lowered. Share your ideas with us on Facebook at Weise Communications and follow @Weise_Ideas on Twitter.


2 Responses to “Breaking Down Barriers: Opportunity to Persuade”

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