Social Media the New “I Voted” Sticker

Today, Nov. 2, millions of voters went to the voting booths to choose senators, congressmen and governors in the midterm election. In the past, Americans could tell who had voted by a simple “I Voted” sticker placed on the voter’s shirt. This year, social media is changing that. Not only did millions bubble in whom they wanted in the voting booth, but they are also clicking the “I Voted” app on their Facebook pages.

Facebook and Twitter today is inundated with information and trackers about the elections. Facebook added a vote counter with an “I Voted Today” button. As of now 6,724, 456 people have said they voted through Facebook, oops now it’s 6,929,854, which by the time I finish posting this it will have gone up thousands.

Facebook has created other apps for the election as well; one even allows users to find the nearest voting location. This makes it even simpler for people to vote. Twitter is also celebrating election day with thousands sending tweets about voting and  proclaiming the candidates they voted for at #voterreport.

These social media politics are not about influencing votes for certain propositions or politicians, or bashing other candidates and promoting oneself, but about social media connecting voters with one another while voting is occurring. I feel creating apps or sending tweets about the election encourages people to vote. It even makes voting seem hip and cool, especially for the younger generation. When I got on Facebook this morning and saw millions that had already voted, it made me want to be apart of it. Users of social media today have encouraged thousands more to go out and vote. Today social media users can tell the world “I Voted,” and not just share it with the guy they walk by on the street.

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