Much of what is discussed online is meaningless.

This is a common social media myth. I hear this statement often from clients, business owners and friends. And honestly, they are somewhat right. I stress somewhat because not much is meaningless but some is. However, this can be said for any form of marketing communications, from direct mail to pay-per-click advertising to television, if not executed properly.

Franchises that are using social media networks to their true potential are seeing a significant increase in traffic (online and at store locations) and increases in sales. Both large and small franchises can benefit.

A great example of a franchise using social media well is Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dunkin' Donuts logoIn January 2009, Dunkin’ Donuts used their fan page on Facebook to reach more than 500,000 potential customers and discover how “fans” felt about their new healthy menu items. Following is an interviewee’s statement about their social media campaign:

“…was a great opportunity for us to test what I see as one of the great benefits of Facebook, which is that it’s a cost-effective way to get real-time feedback from real customers who want to talk to your brand and engage directly.” For the whole article click here.

You may be questioning, why should you consider social media for your franchise? What should you do and how much should you spend? First, just get involved in social media. Start reading blogs and articles. Set up a Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn account. Watch what others are doing. Network with other franchise owners.

I have to say I have not been an early adopter. I like to think of myself as a private person. Once I know you, then I share.

So, what has made me an advocate for social media? Well, I see this trend and have experienced the results. I was one of the driving forces behind us implementing our social media channels. Yet, I chose to stay “behind the scenes.” Not anymore.

As I talk to clients about their campaigns and share our agency results, I witness all angles of this amazing network. This is what intrigues me most… the connections and relationships made all over the world.

What intrigues you about social media? What results have you experienced?

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